Our Student’s Feedback

Priya Bhura

Nokha, Rajasthan

It's wonderful... Shubhamm Sir teaches so flawlessly and sab concept bohot ache se explain karte hai.

Purushottam Deshmukh

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

The experience about the lectures are quite remarkable and appreciable as well. I was astonished when Shubhamm Sir told us in voice chat the he was setting up all the things required for recording lectures at home like wow. Some people really deserve respect which I have and will always have for you, sir. He is wholesome is the Best Teacher. Talking about studies, lectures, and revisions I'm speechless and I just can't express how lucky I'm to have you as my teacher and mentor at the same. Immaculate Shubhamm Sir.

Shraddha Eknath Deokar

Pune, Maharashtra

Rather than talking about what is the best part, f Shubhamm Sir, I would like to say HE IS THE BEST. Sir's teaching is Ekdum Bhari. I most like how he links the various topics of the chapter and explains it in a flow and the same he does with the whole subject which gives us clear direction. I literally think this is the best way of teaching I ever have seen. Apart from this he always gives charts for almost all topics which help us to retain longer. I must say technical subjects like funding and listing, I  never imagined in charts forms, but he did. Sometimes I feel like he only teaches me all subjects.

Madhura Jog

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubham Sir is a true mentor any student can ask for. He makes the subject extremely easy to understand and due to his constant repeating habit, the subject gets perfectly absorbed in the student's mind. He is a humble mentor and his passion for teaching also motivates us to study even harder. thank you very much, Sir. This is my first online class. The lectures are as real as sitting in the classroom and sir teaching us. I was worried about the subject more due to lockdown. But thanks to Shumbhamm Sir for easing out the worries.

Rashmi Daryani


Shubhamm Sir's lectures are great and the application is easy to use. Clear concepts and awesome teaching techniques by sir...

Naresh Kumar

Faridabad, Haryana

The reason why I opt for Shubhamm Sir is that he makes us understand conceptually about the topics and chapter on tips and we can revise the entire chapter without even opening the book. -2nd the most important is that he picked the entire content and language from ICSI's study material.  The overall experience with Sir has remained outstanding. Faced no issue during lectures. and have a lot of good experience. Specially In MCS, the summary chart is an outstanding way to get the cases laws in seconds. Thank you Sir for this work. Things get much easier by opting for such a mobile application.


Chennai, Tamilnadu

Shubhamm Sirs Lectures are very interactive and we are satisfied. He makes chart form for remembering technique for each and every topic.

Rahul Maurya


The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is his level of energy. Am fully satisfied with module 3rd of cs professional.

Tusharika Verma

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

As per the lectures that I have taken so far, I liked the way of teaching of Shubhamm Sir. So far I am very satisfied with the lectures. He makes it very easy to remember the theory. I have not revised anything so far but I still remember everything from the classes.

Nisha Lodha

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part of the Shubhamm sir is his notes and the way he interacts which has helped me to build the interest in the respective subjects also the way of his teaching is commendable I'm a new student, had studied CMSL in executive with the help of few lectures of Shubhamm Sir and I'm very happy that I took this decision to go for this virtual batch. The way he teaches is amazing. His lectures are worth enough and quiet efficient

Gitika Agnani

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

The best part is that in a virtual lecture of Shubhamm Sir is everything he has taught is deeply fitted into my mind. Lectures are absolutely awesome.

Maitreyee Mishra

Kolkata, West Bengal

Honestly, the only thing that I sit with during seeing Shubhamm Sir's lecture are Sir's Material, Stationery, and Focus, and the works are done. The teaching is embedded in my head. Over the period of 40 lectures that I've consumed till date, I guess I had doubts only twice, which shows how clear the teachings are. It's clear and crisp, to say the least.

Prerana Kashyap

Bangalore, Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are very effective and efficient. The clarity of concepts is amazing. every topic is to deal with the same level of focus and dedication. It improves the way we remember the concepts.

kripal kukreja

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style is great. Providing continuous revisions and covering every topic reduces the burden of students. Converting the whole syllabus into summary form for the last revision is a good initiative. Teaching without students is very difficult but still, for the students, he is totally dedicated. Studying from my favorite teacher I always wished he should also teach at a professional level. A delightful experience. Providing lectures during the lockdown in such situations is appreciable.

Himani Jhamar

Singhpur (Chittorgarh), Rajasthan

In Shubhamm Sir's lectures:- 1.Cummulative revision, 2.Revising the concept 2-3times in the lecture itself makes it easier to fix in mind! 3.And some slangs like- gadho!, Attempt ki Kasam padho! And all.. which prevents from dozing off in between the lectures ... Meant subjects becomes interesting!

Aditi kabra

Pune, Maharashtra

Studying with Shubhamm Sir is actually fun since he makes us memorize everything. I like the way he builds an approach towards studying a subject, its streamlines the entire subject

Vaishnavi Dandale

Thane, Maharashtra

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that each topic is explained in a very simple language which is helpful for us to understand.

Aditya Jain

Khanpur, Rajasthan

The teaching style of Shubhamm Sir is very good and it is very easy to remember things after class as well. Charts provided by Sir is the best part of our material, it is very helpful for quick revision. An in-depth analysis of every topic is the best way to understand the practicality and application of the law.


Hyderabad, Telangana

Subham Sir is only the best part. This is only the reason I bought the lectures. The live and practical examples of topics is another best part.

Rucha Harsulkar


Lectures are just awesome and perfect. Each and every concept is explained in a detailed and in very simple language. The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that you never get bored with the subject.

Gaurav Joshi

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Awesome experience ... the First time I have ever seen that team is so cooperative even after lectures are purchased. Great work Shubhamm Sir

Nidhi Goyal

Nagpur, Maharashtra

The best part of the lectures is that I can watch the lectures at any time without downloading them. Till now I didn't face any problems with the lectures. In CS Executive I purchased Shubhamm Sir's audio lectures. I already knew how he teaches. Diagram and summary notes make it easy to revise the whole chapter.

Surbhi Raj

Kolkata, West Bengal

The best is studying through summary charts which makes everything go with ease. So far experience with Shabhamm Sir has been really great with all queries and technical issues being resolved in real-time.

Shraddha Sanjay Berde

Panvel, Maharashtra

The lectures are really too good. Very informative, every concept sir explain in a very descriptive way. Shubhamm Sir makes us write a summary of every topic. Also, a guide on how we should revise it. It is really nice to experience to learn with Shubhamm sir.

Saransh Shrivastava

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

SL was like a phobia for me then I watched Shubhamm Sir's Securities Law MARATHON on YouTube since then I thought if he is teaching in this way in marathons then he will be TOOFAN in the regular class and decided to take his Lectures in professional, I also told him the same via WhatsApp. And now I m blessed to be his student. He is the best in every subject he teaches. Ekdam TOOFAN Securities Law was like a phobia for me then I watched Shubhamm Sir's Securities Law MARATHON on YouTube since then I thought if he is teaching in this way in marathons then he will be TOOFAN in the regular class and decided to take his Lectures in professional. And now I m blessed to be his student. He is the best in every subject he teaches. Ekdam TOOFAN

Rupal Mittal

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

The way Shubhamm Sir teach is the best also the concept stick automatically in my mind doesn't need extra effort to learn such a concept

Ashutosh Kumar

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Shubhamm Sir's sincerity towards the lectures and his dedication is commendable. The content is amazing as expected.

Kruti Mehta

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir EVERYTHING. I haven't met Shubhamm Sir ever. Like watched his 1 marathon in executive and Ran to be his professional student. I don't know why but he gives me tears in his eyes whenever he speaks. His teaching is ON POINT. the best part is we can learn the whole chapter by only watching the videos. He makes a remember things with him in class. TOOFANI SIR !.

Aditi Agarwal

Agra,Uttar Pradesh

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is to get the chapters revised and learned on an everyday basis and the way Shubhamm SSR designed the book is amazing, making a summary of every topic simultaneously so that to have multiple revisions in less time and it helps to have a quick revision from those summaries is a beautiful concept and study become more interesting. The experience of the lectures is awesome and especially the concept of a quick revision video of every chapter helps to memorize things easily.

Soniya Manapure


Studies with Shubhamm Sir is always a pleasure, studies with him are the real key to success. Shubhamm Sir is the best Mentor blessed to have you, sir.  His memory techniques and patterns of studies wave off all the stress and studies are so fun I have learned a lot from him. Sir has always been an inspiration to me. And I have a dream of working with him there a lot more to learn

Prapti Potdar


I have attended Sir's  Live lectures in Executive and have opted for Virtual lectures for Professionals, the way he connects with his students is the best part. The way he explains the complex concepts in the simplest manner that one can never forget. Timely revisions of the topics by him are so helpful to recall the concepts during examinations. In addition to this, the notes and chart books make studies much more interesting.

Prabhat Singhal

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir. As I am a new student, but with my limited wisdom all I can say Shubhamm sir is one of the finest professional, His articulation skills along with a continuous revision of difficult provisions/rule in the class itself makes him a perfect mentor

Pooja Agarwal

Bilaspur chhattisgarh

Shubhamm Sir short notes on the left-hand side will be very helpful and teaching like big brother and very sweetly and nicely. Concept clarity and everything.

Srishti Verma

Gaya, Bihar

I would just say m blessed to have a teacher like Shubhamm Sir and I can bet we CS students cant get a better teacher than him for the subject he deals with. Lectures are awesome sir seriously the way Sir teaches makes the concept crystal clear and even makes the topic so easy to memorize and that too word to word.


Tirupur, TamilNadu

First of all, I thank you Shubhamm Sir for his support to students even in this pandemic situation. It's only because of Sir I cleared my CS Executive module 2, I was his YouTube student. Sir your teaching always motivated me to push my limits and groom myself to be a better person. The lectures are so lively and your smile always brings a smile to our faces. Sir your way of teaching is excellent I never felt that I should make extra effort to understand, it just like a cakewalk. Feeling so blessed to be your student. I always admire your dedication and passion for teaching. Lots of love and Respect sir

Sagar Mulchandani

Ahmedabad; Gujarat

The best part to study with Shubham Sir is I need not memorize the concept he always cleans the concept as a mirror.  His notes are also good from where I can revise the whole chapter in a few minutes. The lectures are very good. I can use these lectures from anywhere and even I can download them to see without an interception.

Kavita Arora

Ludhiana, Punjab

I was a student of Shubhamm sir in executive and when I got to know that he is going to teach professional also and that too with the concept of the live virtual batch, I immediately registered for the whole third module because studying from him is a blessing. Tufaan padhate hai sir. And he always comes up with something different and unique for his students. The best part is that he uses module language and it becomes very scoring for us and at the last, I have taken many online classes but to be very honest, Shubhamm sir is the only one who solves all my doubts. I even use my executive notes till date because of so much clarity in concepts through the summary diagram. He is indeed the best teacher, the best professional, and a very nice human. Because for him it's just not about passing the exams only.

Mitali Chouksey

Bhopal, M.P

Shubhamm sir is the best teacher. He has a brilliant teaching style. He makes everything so easy for us, it's very easy to retain things through his notes. He makes our concepts crystal clear. Never liked securities law but Shubhamm sir made this subject my favorite. Funding would have been very tough without Shubhamm sir. Best teacher ever!!!

Mehul Prajapat

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The experience has been really wonderful and great, lectures are amazing Shubhamm Sirs' teaching and dedication make me want to study hard as well. The left-hand side part of his study material ❤

Veerti Shah

Mumbai, Maharashtra

This course often appears boring to most people. But Shubhamm sir's energy and his way of teaching make the subject so interesting and fun and easy. His lectures can never bore us. This is a very genuine opinion. And he's made a benchmark for teaching. I'm struggling to find someone similar for the remaining subjects. And also, mind mapping skills are mind-blowing. I wish to excel at that myself now. The lectures are quite convenient. Redressal of any issues is super quick and effective

Ishika S Jain

Chennai, Tamilnadu

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is heartily feeling that actually everything is best. The explanations, the revisions, the way or the approach towards learning is really easing the way to learn. I really feel light while learning your subjects. Tbh I have never seen a professor taking these many efforts and coming up with creative ideas to learn as you take sir. The overall experience of the lecture is fantastic and the lectures really go in a very smooth way...

Raveena Chandani

Bhopal, M.P

Shubhamm sir teaches us so well. Couldn't have asked for a better teacher. All his efforts are really appreciable. Big big THANKS from my side. My experience regarding lectures is pretty good. The additional notes you have provided is the real time-saver for us. Thanks for all the efforts.

Rutuja Minesh Dalal

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

I appreciate Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style...the best part is that ..before going into detail he makes sure that the overall picture of the subject or chapter is clear which makes the foundation strong. Also, his small funny talks relieve the pressure of studies. 1st time I saw his SLCM revision lecture on youtube and I decided to learn from him in CS PROFESSIONAL..due to my personal issues It would not have been possible for me to come to Pune which's why again thanking Sir for the virtual batch.

Shruti Dhapodkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir is a good lecturer who complements the notes withdrawn/worked examples. Although the module content is very difficult for me when I read the books, his lecturer made it easy to understand. Lecture notes are ordered and clear.  Lectures are interesting and refreshing and not boring*

Pranali Shinde

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir... I can simply say that he is the great personality I have ever come across, I really feel blessed to have a teacher like him. I have studied my executive program from him and was able to secure an exemption in Securities Law only because of him and when I got to know that he will be teaching for Professional program as well, I was astonished. His teaching style is just awesome.. when he is revising certain concepts in the ICDR chapter which we have already studied in executive... I just sometimes go into flashbacks... I have really enjoyed the journey of the executive program, and I am pretty sure that we will be successful in our journey of the Professional program as well... Lastly thank you so much sir for the efforts you take for us.

Ritu H Mulchandani

Ulhasnagar, Thane, MH

Our Shubham sir is the best teacher and Feels like he is god for cs students. Sir's Teaching style inspiring me to study more and more.

Aakansha Patodi

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

“Easy. Easy. Easy. Arey yeh toh toofaan topic hai. Bahut interesting hai yeh chapter.” When Shubhamm Sir says these lines we accept it to be true. And this is the best thing about him.

Hemanshi Parekh

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir teaches each and every concept very nicely in an innovative way which helps to understand and learn faster and retain the concept easily. Also, he has made great efforts in making the chart books and notes. Thank you would not be enough for the efforts he has made but still thank you so much, Sir.

Shruti Sharma

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The way Shubhamm Sir is teaching to us Is way more than awesome, especially all his techniques which help us to study better either by the charts, table, diagrammatic form or the wired chart format in MCS, summary notes, picturization are beyond words... Thank u... So so so much Sir for everything and for providing classes without any break even in such a critical situation.

Gopal Gupta

Jodhpur Rajasthan

Shubhamm Sir provides probably the best and most suitable crux of every content. I feel privileged as you're one of the Bestest teachers and Mentor in my life. I started watching your YouTube lectures during my Executive Journey. I was nervous anxious and don't know what to do, then suddenly I found your videos related to SLCM and Company Law. Aur Ittefaq dekhiye got highest number in both groups of your Subjects and able to pass out in my 1st attempt. Still, Remember that I take an Oath "Padhna Toh Isi Bandhe Se Hai."

Namita Mittal

Champa Chhattisgarh

Lectures of Shubhamm Sir are awesome no words for him. I enjoy seeing his lectures.. the best part is his notes which he told us to write. Thank You, Sir.

Burhanuddin Kholiya

Udaipur, Rajasthan

At a time when I was in "executive", I saw Shubhamm sir's lecture on youtube and I prayed to God ki kaash "professional" level par sir ki class available ho Jae... And after a couple of days from the result, there was an announcement that you are commencing classes for Professional students also.  So it was the best part.  I am very much delighted to have a professor like him. His dedication to his profession (teaching) motivates me a lot.

Anand Joshi

Hyderabad, Telangana

Shubhamm Sir is Student-friendly, Great Clarity on each and every topic, simplicity. Amazing Lectures especially in the virtual platform

Jyoti Pareek

Purnea, Bihar

Shubham sir, the best part is the summary charts covered in our left hand of the page make any topic very easy to understand, and whenever I revise any concept it literally makes me visualize the way sir teaches which is commendable.

Amishi Singai

Bhopal, M.P

Genuinely EVERY THING Sir has got soo positive vibes ..Watching his lecture is never loaded...And the best thing he knows students need short notes at the end ...Soo he makes himself in class for us. He also knows reading is important so he makes us do that also in the class itself ...Which saves almost time for students and we have to just once go through it and do revision...Last day preparation for revision is been done from starting this way of his teaching is best ..Concept of his bookmaking is also good (one side plain and other side theory ) in this way everything gets in 1 book only... He knows where will student lack ..and do things in that way ...

Ankita Sharma

Gurgaon, Haryana

The best part about Shubhamm sir is that he never allows the lecture to be boring.. his way of teaching connects him with us and our thought process. This makes studying very easy. Also, he is a hard-working person, especially for his students. Thank you, sir.

Amatulla Gadisaaz

Udaipur, Rajasthan

I like the whole teaching structure of Shubhamm Sir. His notes and the way he put 100% effort into making understanding each and every topic of the syllabus. The best part is that even I have purchase online lectures I feel totally attached to the academy just because of the Shubhamm Sir teaching.

Arshleen Kaur Saluja

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir makes every provision concise and easy to understand* charts make it's very easy to revise every bit of thing the pause or reading time helps in improving the interpretation skill the quick revision notes and the concept of the wired chart is beautiful in MCS.

Ankit Kapadia

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Only 20 letters cannot define Shubhamm Sukhlecha Sir. However, the best person to learn anything from him. He explains everything in such a simple way we don't need to panic for anything if he's there. Blessed to have him as my teacher and mentor. Thank you so much sirji. He can teach anything about any subject with ease and understanding. Great personality

Ruthuja Gurjal

Pune, Maharashtra

The lectures are excellent. Love the way Shubhamm Sir teaches. It literally fits in the head as it is and in such a way that no human being will forget it. Diagrams, charts, big or small they just work wonders. Especially the ones which you make us draw & the idea of giving background or the basics of any topic. It helps to be crystal clear with the topic. Last but not least the 5 mins you give us to read what you have taught that's is the best of all because if you  haven't understood what the paragraph says you can rewind n watch it

Kavita Kamalapurkar

Mumbai Maharashtra

Shubham sir is undoubtedly Awesome. I really loved the way he teaches. The best part to study is 1) through chart/diagram, 2) design of the book that is a new pattern of study, 3) marathon lectures, 4) friendly way of teaching. I really loved the modern way of learning. Earlier I was worried about taking an online lecture, but after watching his marathon lecture on youtube  I decided to take it, and I am fully satisfied. Worth buying these online lectures. I feel blessed to be part of this academy.

Khushnoor Ansari

Kolkata, West Bengal

No doubt Shubhamm Sir is the best both for executives and professionals. I came to knew about him when I was in CS Executive and one day I watched his marathon lectures of SBEC, Co.Law, and SLCM from that day only I decided to study from him for Professional. And here I am...His level of energy is appreciable the way he makes every provision simple yet easy to understand. At first, I thought Corporate Funding will be very tough for me but Shubhamm Sir has made this subject very interesting and easy to understand and revise all the chapters. I suggest every student of professional go for his lectures so that in the end they won't regret it. Honestly, the entire team of Shubham Sir is best...Even in this complete lockdown situation, we have been provided with the lectures on a daily basis which is an appreciable effort. The quality of the lectures is too good. I have never faced a single problem yet.

Dollima Chaurasia

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are wholesome awesome. Only I know my excitement and energy level to watch lectures every day.

Shreya Jain

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Shubham Sir, experience with him is just speechless, I can't express my feeling towards him. He is like a mentor, as a guardian, like a friend, like a well-wisher, and many more words for him, I just can't express my feeling towards him. His lectures are like the best experience of my life, the best part of my life. I feel like that my guardian is teaching me.

Asmita Pramanik

Ankola Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir is conceptual understanding. Sir, you actually make us understand each and every concept involved under the topics. The next day's revision of the previous session is also helpful in memorizing. And, the thing that u tell us often that towards the end of the class or our study we must take up topics which are difficult to understand, and then wrap it up in the next class at first.. this is really helpful. I get a clear idea of where am I heading, what are the topics of importance.

Anushka Manglani

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The overall experience is really good and I am really happy with the decision of buying lectures from Shubhamm Sir. The best part is I never get bored listening to Sir's lectures. He makes everything so interesting that I can understand everything very easily. Securities law has always been my favorite and with sir the experience till now is great!!

Subhankar Paul

Tezpur, Assam

Shubhamm Sir is very friendly, and I love the gestures Shubhamm Sir does while explaining a point. Also, Sir clarifies each and every doubt when arises. And the best part is that I get serious after listening to this line "Attempt ka Kasam". Thank you very much Sir for the guidance.


North Delhi, Delhi

The thing I like about Shubhamm Sir is that along with understanding the concepts we remember the concepts for writing also. The summary he gives for every paragraph and mind map is so amazing. Lectures Very useful. It's really interesting and informative to study with Shubamm sir. The study materials are prepared very well. The hard work put in is much appreciated.

Ahid Ahemad

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir not only teaches us about what is relevant in the examination, He also teaches about what will be the practical application of this provision. Which I feel very few teachers do. The lectures are great and I love the way Shubham Sir explains each and every detail even if it's a minute one. Especially the charts are super amazing!!

Alok Agrawal

Raipur Chhattisgarh

Everything is best while studying with Shubhamm Sir. My experience has been really good at studying with Sir.

Aditi karwa

Solapur, Maharashtra

Studying with Shubhamm Sir feels like a blessing literally! He makes the subject so interesting that I am excited to watch his lectures! He makes us feel like family which helps us to ask any doubts to him without any hesitation!! The lectures are totally worth it! They are so amazing, watching his lectures never feel like a burden and he clears each and every doubt! Everything is perfect!!!

Gayatri krishna chavre

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are very in-depth explanations, not only from an exam point of view but even for practical life. His diagrams, charts are so helpful to revise chapters and remember concepts. Even the environment he creates while teaching makes our study more interesting. Uploading quick revision video lectures really helping me a lot. Sir's teaching is innovative with the clarity of concepts. Thanks for everything.

Sanvir Singh

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir puts in all the energy in his lectures, he plans beforehand what is to be written wherein the notes and helps us in improving our interpretation skills. Diagrams help in creating an image of the whole topic. The lectures are amazing, organized, and covers every topic.

Shivani Agrawal

Kota Rajasthan

Shubhamm Sir knows how to make students concentrate on studies and his daily targets are fruitful. The lectures are perfect with related amendments.

Bhuma Saroja

Bangalore, Karnataka

Love Shubham Sir's way of teaching. He does not only teach the subject just for exams but ensures you have an understanding of the concept as well. His teaching style. You feel so comfortable and easy to understand and grasp the topic.

Prajwala Chowbina

Bangalore , Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir, is extremely amazing, his spirit and energy pass on to us virtually motivating us to study. The best part is he is so so organized from where the notes have to be written, how it has to be written to how it can be studied a day before the exam. He has given it all to us. I don't think he can help us more in any way.

Kunal malguzar

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

I really enjoyed Shubhamm Sir's online lectures. It's a great opportunity for me to gather knowledge and score good marks in the exams. Whatever efforts u r taking for us to provide good content even in such an epidemic situation is appreciable Sir.



Each and every part of Shubhamm Sir's lecture is best but the thing I like the most in his lecture is that after studying from his lecture, I don't have to go through the institute module again as his notes are enough and as compared to other faculties lectures, I can retain concept much more easily.

Madhura Jog

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubham Sir is a true mentor any student can ask for. He makes the subject extremely easy to understand and due to his constant repeating habit, the subject gets perfectly absorbed in student's minds. He is a humble mentor and his passion for teaching also motivates us to study even harder. thank you very much, Sir.

Tanvi Phanse

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part of the Shubhamm Sir is his notes and the way he interacts which has helped me to build an interest in the respective subjects. I'm a new student who just took the classes on the recommendation of my friend, and I'm very happy that I took this decision. The way he teaches is brilliant.

Chaitrali Wagh

Mumbai Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir teaches very passionately. He himself works hard to prepare the best possible and easy notes for students not only from an exam point of view but also in terms of practical knowledge and experience. Capital market and now funding became my favorite subjects all thanks to Shubhamm Sir.

Shubhangi Mishra

Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh

The way Shubhamm Sir teaches is really lucid which makes us easy to understand. You motivate us hard and leave no stone unturned to make your students achieve the desired success. Thank you, sir!! Keep motivating us and trust me, you have been the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank you.

Kavya Garg

Kanpur, U.P.

Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style is so efficient that it makes the subjects very easy to understand...The subject like funding can be retained easily with minimum efforts...He is so full of energy that it motivates me to keep working hard and get exemption in all his subjects...

Anandima Mawkin

Kanpur U.P

Shubhamm Sir makes the most difficult chapters so easy to understand and memorize plus all those knowledge capsules and motivation he gives between the lectures make the subject more interesting. Shubhamm Sir is my favorite teacher...

Anushka Bhandari

Barwaha (M.P.)

Shubhamm Sir teaches in the most comic and with gentleness. There is no fear of asking a question to him. He supports in the best possible way he can.

Utkarsh Vyas


The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is you always be sure that you will crack the examination easily. The fear of examination never caught you. This also helped me in my executive level, the whole credit for clearing the executive in both groups in the first attempt goes to sir's motivation and teaching.

Jagriti Chaurasia

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

It is a great pleasure to show my profound gratitude. Without the blink of an eye, am saying Shubhamm Sir is the best teacher that has ever taught me. Teaching doesn't only entails pouring out academic stuff but the way you convey the concept behind the topic in relation to real-life Scenario is just awesome. I consider myself fortunate to have a teacher like him.

R.Madhav Sai

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Shubhamm Sir's dedication and passion towards the teaching/subject is clearly portrayed whenever you see his lectures. Even though I don't know  HINDI, he explains even the complex concepts in such a beautiful way. To me, he is one of the greatest professors I have ever seen. His method of explanation and expression makes us regret not attending his live batches.

Tanushree Jakkal

Solapur, Maharashtra

Studying under Shubhamm sir's guidance is a great opportunity. All doubts that i get are cleared in the lecture itself and the way sir makes those summary of each topic are commendable they are short but has complete crux points in it and they are easy to remember as well.

Yash Arora

Anta, Rajasthan

Lectures are very good and the content taught is very beneficial for us. Shubhamm Sir explains every thing in proper way with charts and pictorial representation. I want Shubhamm sir to teach 2nd group also.

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