Our Student’s Feedback

Diksha Sharma

Undoubtedly Shubham Shuklecha Sir is the greatest motivation to a student...me without even meeting  Him personally feel so connected with him...and really luv His academic and such motivational lectures...after listening to Him i really feel so sorted in every situation...blessed to be His student...🌸🌸🌸

Prashasti Karn

Shubhamm Sir my ideal and my motivation. His voice creates a positive aura around your surroundings glad to be students of Sir.Love you a lot Sir.

Prerna Parashar

Shubham Sir motivates us so much and kabhi kabhi demotivate bhi feel hota hai ki kya hi choose kar liya baaki dost toh kaafi chill karte hai but jab ek baar Sir ki video dekh lo yah unse padh lo toh aap kabhi demotivate nahi ho sakte ho thank you so much sir for always being there for your students 😇

Kuppam Raja Vasavi

Shubhamm Sir very inspiring, I love Sir’s classes and even they are very informative. I have passed my company law just listening to your marathons. I know only marathons are not sufficient, but that time my health was not supportive and I was admitted in hospital with lack of time I did it, but still I cleared the subject! For sure I will try to stay in discipline from now on thank u Sir even now I am listening to your detailed classes so happy for me that I got the best teacher for CS.

Prerna Keshwani

You are one of those teacher who don’t teach for money, but for making a best out of a students. I am so greatfull to get a opportunity to learn from Shubhamm Sir.

Neha Bansal

Ghaziabad, UP Shubhamm sir’s lectures are addictive…😊 His way of explanation and the charts which makes the topic easy to understand and to remember.

Anjum Rafik Shaikh

Ambajogai Maharashtra Excellent. There is no technical issue while playing lectures. Content wise, clarity everything is excellent. As far as Shubhamm Sir's teaching is concerned no doubt he is excellent teacher in terms of his teaching skills, his dedication toward teaching profession, concerns about students issues, conceptual clarity everything is excellent. Shubhamm Sir just not teach in addition gives life lessons; which are beneficial to the students for lifetime. He better knows what can be students problems before asking he clarifies it may be related ti CS syllabus or personal.

Mohammed Shehzaan

Mumbai, Maharashtra As I purchased the recorded lecture of module 3 Of CS professional it was very good after watching the lecture there is no doubt come in our mind and if any doubt exist Shubhamm Sir will immediately reply on forum in few days it also helps us while watching lecture The best part is that to learn the concepts instead of directly reading from book Sir teach in way and in diagramatic form in simple chart form which help us to make handwritten notes in better form.

Shivanshu sharma

Hoshiarpur, punjab My experience with lectures is great and brilliant. The player in which we play lectures is very easy to use and also the technical team is mostly helpful. The audio and video quality of lectures is also good and if we talk about content then its just mindblowing. Each and everything gets retained. Everything with Shubhamm Sir is best and awesome. What I love most is the nature and attitude of Sir which is very calm and A must look for every professional. Shubhamm Sir makes every concept so easy to understand and at the same time so easy to learn . the hand-written are believe me the best best thing. Plus the charts are fire.


KANPUR UTTAR PRADESH I had the best experience while taking class with Shubhamm Sir. He explains each and every thing in amazing manner. All the doubts are cleared. Shubhamm Sir is the best teacher 😌


New Delhi, Delhi It is awesome. I love Shubhamm sir‘s method of teaching. His way is very unique, motivational and inspirational. Very few teachers in my life who teaches life with the subject. He is one of them. He is the gem of a person. I get motivation daily from him even when I didn't actually meet him in person. His way of explaining every topic and making it by heart then and there. His way of controlling even to the online students to write tests and learn then and there. I didn't feel any minute that I am taking any online class. I didn't dare to skip anything.


MUMBAI & MAHARASHTRA SUPER FANTASTIC, apke jaisa naa koi padhata hai na he koi padha sakta hai Shubhamm Sir you are the best apke wajah se company law Mai pass hua aur abb SLAW Mai bhi clear ho jaunga .💖 Although I'm Google drive student but never felt boring during Shubhamm Sir's lecture he kept it very interactive and also note making on one side of the notes is the best approach to make notes of any topic.


SURAT , GUJARAT Bestest experience I ever get, I have seen the way Shubhamm Sir teach, and even online lectures students get no difficult. Lectures clear concept and His quick revision video soo much useful at time of self study Clear all concepts, provide detail knowledge, best to remember everything properly , there diagrams there notes there way of teaching and he is totally perfect.

Rimjhim Swarnkar

Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh My experience at Shubham Sukhlecha mentorship was excellent. The best part is the Shubhamm Sir himself and when i start to play a lecture, sometimes it happened to me that I don't get to know that when the lecture got completed. The statement Sir had said that 'to study a subject you have to fall in love with the subject in first few lectures', is stucked in my mind. I am very thankful and grateful that I got to know about you sir. How best it would be when all the required subjects would be taught you.☺🤍❤️ Thank you.

Raj Shah

Pune, Maharashtra Best experience ever. Everything is perfectly organized for the students from purchase of lectures till the last lectures that Sir takes. Every box is ticked. Notes for all subjects, paper solving for MCS and IBC, one day before exam what should student should cover and what all they should carry in exams everything.2. Words will fall short to describe Shubhamm Sir. Epitome of hardwork he has set for his students. Shubhamm Sir means module 3 for CS professional. No one can replace him for module 3 for CS professional ✨❤️.

Prity Pandit

Kolkata, West bengal. My experience is excellent with all the lecture. Subhamm Sir is the best Teacher he understand every point very easily, most of thing was remember in the lecture his all lecture was very energetic and powerful.

Varsha Tainwala

Kota, Rajasthan Best class ever Everytime I suggest my juniors to prefer SSM as the teaching style of Shubhamm Shuklecha Sir is like "the best". Notes and everything are so on point. Studying with sir feels so good. Like whenever I don't feel like taking any lecture, still I take Shubham Shuklecha Sir's lecture because I don't feel bored and burdensome. And above all, the quick revision series, again one of the best facility provided with no time waste. I have been students with other academies but no is so quick to respond just like team SSM is. You are the best ❤️

Sharvari S. Arekar

Mumbai, Maharashtra Such a great experience of lectures. Very easy to use app and watching it offline on the same. Never faced any problems in lectures. Office staff is so helpful. One call and you are confusion free. Thank you so much for that specifically Shweta Ma'am. Everything about Shubhamm Sir is best . He understands student's (mann ki baat) and throws motivation in between lectures which is so needed. QUICK REVISION for every chapter works like wonder.

Sumukh Khanna

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Shubhamm Sir ke lecture are Outstanding! Marvelous! And so on.... Everything!!No words can describe him 🙏🙏

Kangan Agrawal

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh It was a great experience studying with Shubhamm Suklecha Sir. I always use to hate and was disinterested with the concepts of Share Market and securities, but Shubhamm Sir made it so easy and exciting for me and at the end it became my favourite subject and I also started my first investment and this is all because of him. Thank you so much sir.2. Studying with Shubhamm Sir is always delightful. He makes you understand every concept in a very unique and simple manner. He has the best combination of fun with studying. Shubhamm Sir motivates you like a mentor, elder brother and a friend in the best way. He stays with us at every given point with his marathons, revision lectures and one day before audio note to cheer up all the students to do well in the exams. He's the best in his own way. Just one thing that sir's short forms are sometimes confusing 😅 and nothing else. We all love Shubhamm Sir just the way he is and once again thank you so much Sir for all your efforts that you put in for us.🙏

Yushita Hardeniya

Bhandara, Maharashtra My experience of the lectures were amazing everything was perfect and very helpful. I was able to understand every topic and even the technical support was also always there to help. Everything about studying with Shubhamm Sir is amazing. The way he teaches and his methods they are just very helpful and easy to understand and also helps us to gain confidence. He is just awesome. My experience everything is very well managed and up to date. In fact I would like to thank Sir and the team for your constant efforts and for always being there for all of us.

Shruti Sahu

Lucknow Shubhamm Sir ke lectures ekdum mast. He accepts your flaws and make you feel like a family.

Priyanka Rungta

Kaliyaganj, West Bengal What is your experience of the lectures?:- The lectures are helpful and interesting but at the same time, no. of lectures I feel are quite more.. not able to finish on time Sir is a very amazing teacher, he creates a friendly and interactive aura whenever he teaches

Karishma Mantra

Gulbarga, Karnataka This was there best experience of lectures I could ever have I completed my lectures smoothly and damm much interestingly.. Best part of Shubhamm Sir is that he is the best teacher. He understands where student faces difficulty and how to cope up that difficulty Thank you...!for such an amazing experience! ❤️

Ayushi tyagi

Ghaziabad, UP Shubhamm Sir is basically a blessing for all CS students. From teaching every topic in depth to discussion the lessons of life. Believe me every lecture looks a new journey that a student goes through with him. Positive vibes of him are the source of motivation for every student. Sometimes it feels like he is my elder brother basically he is a family for all of us Thank you so much Sir for your Divine efforts that you made for all CS students ❤️✨. Please come to delhi sir Bs milna tha apse ek baar.

Shradha Mishra

Pune, Maharashtra My experience of studying Module 3 of CS professional has been great great and great with Shubhamm Sir Best part about his curriculum is that he just doesn't focus on completion of the syllabus but at the same time extra efforts like PYQ solving and question answer practice. It gives an wholesome experience Concepts are bang on clear. Everything is just perfect but few things I would want to mention is Duration of funding lecture - Indeed funding is an important chapter but lectures with 2+ hrs sometimes is really exhausting bcz funding as a subject in itself is quite tricky. The lecture count may be increased instead of the duration. And the very important part is the past year question answer practice, in any way if it could become better


Jaipur, Rajasthan. It's just best. I look forward to watch lectures without getting distracted for even a minute . ❤️❤️Shubham Sir my favourite teacher and inspiration for all students. His positive vibe is enough to boost us with all the motivation we need ❤️.

Hemant Saini

Gurgaon Shubhamm Sir is one of the best teachers i have ever seen in my life. It was my honour to be his student . He always motivates and gave the spirit to never give up. Actually he is the reason i m in professionals 🙏. I will always see him as my mentor . And the connection he builds with students is like of big brother which I love the most. Best part is that he never leaves a scope of doubt and clear everything in class only . And his teaching style is awesome . Everything is learnt in class only and and also revised. The way he grooms us by giving life lessons ❤️. And his dialogue "Khub Khub padho , Khub Khub badho. Make your parents proud, make me proud” Lit the fire within me to clear the professionals 🙌🔥🔥 . Actually he can't be described . He is a blessing for CS students. And it's my wish to meet him once in life 😌. He is LEGEND 🙌

Nandita Bhatt

Indore, Madhya Pradesh I just wanted to tell Shubhamm Sir that He give me a lot of motivation and hopes everytime when I watch MCS, Funding and Insolvency lectures. His method of teaching is the best. Actually there is no words( just want to say that He are the best mentor). I'll give my 100% in my exams and I am pretty sure that I'll crack it in one shot, only just because of Him Thank you so much Sir🤍🙏❤️

Srishti Murarka

Madhya Pradesh, Satna The best to study with Shubhamm Sir is that the way he is teaching is superb. His example were too clear.. I like the most that diagram and points he makes for ur..and his sincerity when he is explaining anything.. But otherwise he is the best teacher... I understand everything very clearly..and I loving the lectures..💯

Shabana khan

Lucknow UP Feeling in all lectures like thank GOD... Shubhamm Sir ka lecture liya..😎 The way of teaching is incredible.

Ayushi jain

Firozabad, UP They were perfect. They were uploaded on time and quality voice everything was good + Shubhamm Sir is a gem of a person. Shubhamm Sir has this positive energy which makes feel good and he motivates he is always positive which impacts everyone around them. Shubhamm Sir has a way of teaching which is so good. He makes me feel like studying. He is the best teacher I could ever have.

Pratik Bardiya

Sangli Words kam pad jaige agar me explain krne jau to..! Shubhamm Sir is not only a word he his become emotion for all and yess he is my idol too...! Whatever subject he teach the subject automatically becomes the best forever!!

Bhavisha Dubber

Valsad, Gujarat Great experience. Got in-depth knowledge, I'm very confident about clearing my exams. Shubhamm Sir makes everything interesting. Never felt bored even for a single second throughout his lectures.

Vishnu priya

Chennai Tamil Nadu I had brought IBC and MCS lectures and Shubhamm Sir's teaching was both informative and fun and especially the 2 yr validity of the lectures also is helping me revise the subject now even after the exams. Sir's way of teaching is the best part. The point is whatever the subject might be I am able to register retain and recall the concept just after listening to the lecture once. The concept clarity which we get is also the best.

Khushi Jain

Agra , Uttar Pradesh My experience was outstanding, Shubhamm Sir and everyone working there are cooperative and lectures play smoothly. Sir makes the concept easy and crystal clear, half of the things are memorized in the lectures itself plus the homework is very helpful that sir gives us to do. One of the bestest teacher one could ever ask for.


INDORE (MP) Shubhamm Sir’s Lectures are amazing no doubt in it💙 His down to earth behavior, He teaches everything from scratch and try to give every possible inform to their students which he knew or experienced.

Mansoori Sahil Jumma

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA Shubhamm Sir’s lectures are good, all concepts covered. Their teaching style, communication with the students, providing each and everything require to crack the exam.

Sarika Sharma

Sikar, Rajasthan Awesome experience I learnt the topics in details with practical knowledge. Helps to retain the topics with different methods using by Shubhamm Sir to explain the particular topic. He also makes charts for us in simple language of hard topics too.

Shiwangi Parashar

Bhopal Madhya Pradesh I CS professional student and gave my attempt in June My whole experience with the lecture and staff was great Best part of Shubhamm Sir is his teaching style The way is gives a rough idea about the whole concept Then break it in small concepts and explain in detail His efforts can be clearly seen in the way his prepares every concept for us. His notes and examples that he gives in class are so creative that it really helps a lot during examination His USP is telling the study pattern and how to prepare during examination. The SSM team is one of the best and staff is very helpful and friendly Their response time is quick.

Kalpesh Mandot

Rajasthan, RAJSAMAND The great experience feel like we are in offline classes and Thank you for Shubhamm Sir for the detailed discussion about topic. And all team members are so supportive and personally i like the grievances mechanism 😍

Anjali Aggarwal

Delhi I've been student of Shubhamm Sir since start of 2022 (when i was in executive), I took his co. Law lectures first and I’m not gonna lie, fell in love with the way he teaches ❤️ within 5 days only. thats his magic and then in may 22 I took His SLCM classes also...and just because of him ..only and only him, I cleared my executive both groups in first attempt ✨😁 Currently in professionals...attempt is due in dec23 and I’ve already completed classes of Mcs, funding and on verge to complete Ibc as well ❣️ (was able to complete so soon just bcz of him, every morning starts with His lecture 😊 well, tbh everythis is best about Shubhamm Sir 😽, but the one thing which is most helpful - HE IS BATCH K SAATH BHI AND BATCH K BAAD BHI (quick revision videos )His motivation talks in middle of lecture work like medicine 🌸, changed mindset, realized so many things and most importantly..i can say i have become a better person than what i was (just bcz of Him) ...always obliged to him 🙏 (He is visible god for me)..I've never met Him but its in bucket list to meet him once in life 😅

Khushi goel

Delhi I have taken Google drive link, lectures are really awesome. It is easy to access through app and app itself very comfortable to operate. My overall experience with lectures are very good. Shubhamm Sir is one of the best faculty I would recommend to anyone. He teaches line by line from his notes which is totally based on module. He also make simplified charts and tables to make it easy to learn. He also interact with GD/PD which admired me the most. I feel like class from home.

Mahak Agrawal

Bangalore, Karnataka Shubhamm Sir’s lecture was best. The way he teaches, the way He is organized and teaches everything in an organized manner. How he cares about students. Everything.

Shilpa Aggarwal

Mahendergarh (haryana) Shubham Sir bahut acha padhate hai. Shubham Sir se padhke koi fail hi nhi ho skta. kya hi gazab teacher hai. koi kaise aisa teacher ho sakta hai. bss mann karta hai subhah shaam Sir ke hi lectures dekhti rahun Magic hai Sir mein Magic Sir ka lecture kab start hoke kab khatam hota hai yeh pata hi nhi chlta!!

Ridhi Agrawal

Kashipur, Uttarakhand The lectures experience is just amazing. There is never any doubt which comes to my mind related to any concept, He clears everything so well 😍 The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that his teaching style is just best...the way he clears every concept is really very appreciable. Moreover he gives his 100% in explaining every topic which makes even boring topics so interesting 🙌

Aastha Sharma

Harda, Madhya Pradesh Shubhamm Sir’s lectures was it's just amazing, It really boost my confidence. Shubhamm Sir is not just a teacher but he is our mentor which help us in clearing exams weather it is conducted by ICSI or by life.

Jigyasa Choudhary

Jaipur, Rajasthan Experience is awesome and I will refer to Shubhamm Sir lectures to all my juniors with the saying that "Subject weak bhi hain na toh bhi Shubhamm Sir hai na bss aram se nikal jaayega subject" and Sir's lecture helps me to develop interpretation skills. Real life examples + Refering information direct from Googliya (Google) in the lectures.

Priyanshi Patidar

Bhopal MP My experience is very good I enjoying all the lecture and I feel like I am a face to face student, and I follow each and every thing which Sir telling in the lectures the best part to study with Shubhamm Sir that is Sir take care of all drive students simultaneously and her teaching style is awesome. I am easily understand every thing. and Sir not only teach a subject but also give us a guidance for future. I am learn new things in every lecturers.

Dhvani Shah

Mumbai, Maharashtra The experience of the lectures are just amazing , we get lectures on time and the team of SSM replies and solves ever query within no time. Not even a single day there is any disturbance in playing lectures. Team SSM guides us. Thank you to the team. Shubhamm Sir is the best faculty, guide, most beautiful person in and out a student can ever get in His journey of becoming a CS. The way he explains us all the concepts and the way he teaches is just wonderful. He makes the journey of studying so easy for all the students. The efforts he put for us students, whether be it his chart book, his examples, his explanation is commendable ❤️ Thank you Shubhamm Sir for all the life lessons you give us in between the lectures. There is a lot to learn from you . Thank you for everything you have done from our CS community ❤️


Gurugram, Haryana Lectures of Shubham Sir is super awesome, amazing and complete in itself. Best part of his class is the way he repats the things in class makes even the tough concepts easier...And personally the life lessons and experience he shares apart from bookish knowledge is my favourite part...this is what makes us feel connected with him even without meeting him once...

Harshita Saini

Gurgaon, Haryana The methodologies of Shubhamm Sir are way too good, the concepts are understood very well. There is no need to ask any doubt as sir knows what all doubts can come in a student's mind and he clears them in advance. Best part about Sir is His positive attitude...beyond studies he gives us life lessons which are worth listening. He always motivate us and guide us to be a better person in life. I am truly blessed to have a mentor like Shubhamm Sir 🙏 wish Him and His entire team best of luck ❤️ and I will give my best to make him proud 🙏

Lakshmy Mohanan

Kochi, Kerala I absolutely enjoyed the classes. Shubhamm Sir provided us with a clear image of each subject with elaboration of each topics and flawless notes. The most interesting fact about his classes is the method of revision and I found it really helpful. On the top of that the well designed textbook and the test series for funding helped me a lot to learn such a difficult subject with an ease. I am not sure about the results but 3rd module was a piece of cake for me just because of Shubhamm Sir. The way he keep us motivated and helped through out the period was so encouraging. Whether I crack the exams or not iam completely satisfied with the classes and my efforts. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Sachin Yadav

New Delhi Shubham Sir's lecture was Amazing experience, in the In-depth lectures. focuses on overall growth apart from exams perspective, Summary notes are very helpful, quick revision videos saviour.

Abhishek Agarwal

Vadodara, Gujarat Best part about Shubhamm Sir and it's lectures are that they are very much to the point and accurate, Sir don't get into unrequired talks which helps us to keep and maintain focus on the subject. Great examples and practical knowledge and revision at the definite intervals.

Nishtha Prajapati

I had great experience watching lectures. i used to watch lectures when I was exhausted watching other mentors lecturer as Shubhamm Sir lecture were interesting and easy to understand concepts. even technical glitches were very less that it improved learning experience. I love how he explains in details meaning of every technical word we leave while self-study. I like that he makes us write basics which help in whole subject to go smoothly. His way of teaching makes us focus during whole time of lecture and we do not get lost in the middle of the lecture.

Om Mav

Jamnagar, Gujarat Its the best experience I've ever had, to study with and from Shubhamm Shukhlecha Sir. Definitely, Shubhamm sir is the best mentor and teacher I've met in my life. The way sir explains each and every topic is awesome, though I'm student and purchased a recorded lecture, i've never came upon with a single doubt in any topic. I'm eagerly waiting for the moment when I'll be able to meet Shubhamm Shukhlecha Sir! In the end I'm thankful to have an amazing journey of CS professional with you sir! THANK YOU SO MUCH Shubhamm Sir for teaching with such an integrity and love (nowadays it's hard to find the teacher like you)

hirag Agrawal

Surat Gujarat I cannot express how much i loved watching lectures Those were super interesting and the way Shubhamm Sir teaches do not let me go away from studies the way sir invests the time in each topics so that we students can clear concepts is super duper good. Super clear concepts way of teaching studying with smile without any burden.

Mansi Chandak

Pulgaon, Maharashtra Shubhamm Sir’s lecture was a great experience as everything seems to be very easy when he starts teaching anything. Undoubtedly I can say that I am going to clear my professional exams in one go only because of his teaching, his support and motivation. Thank you so much sir. He makes everything supper easy as makkhan. The way he teaches us is the best way.

Aditi Jain

Jaipur, Rajasthan My experience with the lectures has overall been good. Shubham sir is the best teacher for his subjects because of his comprehensive explaining techniques and style. I'm very satisfied with the content quality.

khushal Sharma

bhilai Chhattisgarh Shubhamm Sir’s lecture was wonderful experience, studied slcm as well as entire module 3 from Shubhamm sir and i feel the knowledge he has about the subject he teaches is unbeatable. The notes which he makes us prepare (especially what we write in the right side of the book) helps tremendously during exams. He not only teaches the but the best part I should say is he gives us life lessons, he makes us realise how we should treat our parents and has also bought amazing change in my personality and my perspective towards how I should fight with challenge which I faced during my internship and what I'm facing during my preparation for professional exams. Shubhamm sir is truly a blessing for cs students ♥️♥️♥️

Sachin Yadav

Mumbai Thane City Shubhamm Sir’s lecture was awesome but i remember one lecture of LODR which is taken by one new mam so i think to file case against sir but later i release I am doing wrong so i want to say sorry personally to sir 🙏 His awesome Quick revision session very much helpful to do revision. The positivity in Shubham Sir's lectures he always energetic and make the aura more energetic by good vibes aisaa lagta I can see the lectures many times without break.

Himanshu Pal

Agra ,Uttar pardesh Shubhamm sir is best faculty and no one is better than him in teaching. He is best for module 3 (CS professional) & company law. I'm sure he is also best in some other subjects also that i am not experienced. The best thing in his teaching is his deep knowledge of law

Rounak jain

jabalpur M.P Shubhamm Sir’s Lecture is amazing easily understood all the concepts.. And Shubhamm Sir make boring n hard subject easy n interesting.. way of teaching is amazing!!

Nidhi Vij

Varanasi Uttar Pradesh Shubhamm Sir’s lectures was so amazing, Shubhamm sir is the best, The way he puts in his heart and best efforts to make us understand.

Akash Pawar

Nashik, Maharashtra I belongs from GDPD Students 😁 My experience with Shubhamm Sir’s was truly truly amazing my batch was for almost 2 months daily i used to see him but now sometimes i miss him very badly 😀❤️  One thing I like the most about sirs teaching is He can explain very tough and difficult concepts in very very simple language with is very rare skill which people have Apart from Academics I'm also learning public speaking skill of sir from watching him on YouTube and Insta live He is a gem, Lots of love and respect ❤️

Riya Aggarwal

Shubhamm  Sir I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing at what you are doing. All the efforts by  you in your lectures means alot for students like us. I am very Scared for my funding paper, but after your lectures, I think pass hojaungi Also, the MCS lecture of all the case laws, wo bhi bahut badhiya hai for a quick revision. The notes provided by you are of great help too. Thank you so much!!

Kinjal Vavadiya

Shubhamm Sir videos is very helpful Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir, Sir ko sunte hi Ek alag sa self-confidence create ho jata hai. Again thank you very much Sir!!

Swara Vyawahare

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir as always motivation is needed it will genuinely help me, whenever I felt demotivated I search on youtube Sir’s motivation video n listen it always gave me push n motivation!!

Shweta Jain

Your are such a motivational person in my life during the CS professional journey You are Superman Shubhamm Sir. If I clear my 3rd group then credit goes to only u like a Narayan!!

Khushi Pandurang

The most “Super-sorted” teacher ever! Shubhamm Sir can read minds of students and comes to the help of students when in need!!

Muskaan Khemka

Shubhamm Sir is my role model. I aspire to become like him someday. Huge respect to you Sir. Thank you for guiding us all way through!!

Payal Chauhan

Shubhamm sukhlecha Mentorship team Always ready to help whenever I faced any kind of problems regarding lecture you guys are instantly gives response to me…Thank you so much SSM team and Shubhamm Sir ke liye toh words hie kam pad jayee Shubhamm Sir’s teaching skills on fire.

Sanchita Gupta

 Thank you for such great motivation Shubhamm Sir, you are undeniably commendable, we will give our best in the exam

Shivani Sharma

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir and to the whole SSM team is always there for us to resolve our queries, Thanks a lot, I remember whenever I message how quickly Shweta Mam respond to me special thanks to you Mam.

Palak Punjabi

A special thanks to Shubhamm Sir for teaching us from bare act because many students still don’t even know how to do such basic thing, He has indeed built a strong foundation for as, Hands down to the best Sir for Funding and Mcs.

Prachi Agarwal

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir for all your efforts, all your guidance and motivation even whole SSM team I should say, it really really mean a lot the mentor I needed in my career life – is you sir, Thank you so much Sir.

Nidhi Dodeja

The best idol and guru i have got in my life, Shubhamm Sir Thank you so much for the motivation.

Nikita Tomar

Shubhamm Sir is so so good, his aura is different today suddenly it just came into my mind how lucky is his family and wife having him around, I am from Ahmedabad if ever I would get chance to meet sir in person, would be so lucky.


Shubhamm Sir is the energy, motivation and confidence booster injection for all CS student,  Sir has his own karishma.

Himanshu Thanvi

Shubhamm Sir ke company law ek ek lecture yaad aa raha hai, toofan karwaye the.

Rahul Sethi

Thank you for this Shubhamm Sir, I can’t describe in words, how important is this for everyone.

Pratik Bardiya

The SSM team support ans Shubhamm Sir is literally goat and my idol. I have disturbed you a lot while taking lecture and its doubt but u helped me a lot and the service of yours

Sarla Khemka

Shweta Ma’am thank you so much for being there I guess just because people like u are there in Sir’s SSM team we don’t hesitate to tell our problems thank you.

Sumit Upadhyay

Aapki SSM team ke sabhi members ko jitna bhi thank you kahe kam hai so again thank you so so much Shweta Ma’am mera kam nahote hue bhi aapne reply diya bohot bohot shukriya Ma’am.

Sachin Chauhan

Shubhamm Sir is one of the best teacher in india who always motivate us.

Prahlad Rajput

There is no one like Shubhamm Sir!! Genuinely say that he is the one reason why I am trying even after lots of failures. He is the best.

Priyanshi shah

Thank you so much once again to Shubhamm Sir’s team for helping alot & I will give my level best to make you  proud Shubhamm Sir & his SSM team in December 2022

Richa watwani

I know I am a little too late to be sharing this but I really want to thank Shubhamm Sir from the core of my heart, I  was able to clear my third module in one go in dec 21 attempt with an exemption in corporate funding because of him,  he is really a gem!!

Mohd shahzeb

Thank you soo much Shweta Ma’am, I have received the books thank you for helping me all this while and thank  you for being sweet and handling tons of messages so politely.

Shubham purohit

Thank you so much Shweta Ma’am aap humesha available rehto ho humsha students ke liye aur instant response  karke issue solve kar deto ho thank you so much.

Dipika thatoi

Shweta Ma’am you are really awesome, I am very much thankful to you the way you talk with us and solve our problem,  it’s awesome Ma’am when I will become CS I will come to meet all faculty and you Ma’am because I am not that fortunate ki Shubhamm Sir will send appreciation letter Anyways thank you Ma’am for all time.

Mahak asnani

I have never seen such an amazing teacher like Shubhamm Sir and such supporting team like SSM and specially you  Shweta Ma’am.

Rutuja sarda

Shubhamm Sir ke baare me kya hi bolna he wo to diamond hai, law ke king hai par Shweta Ma’am aap sab team jo har ek student ko help karte ho respect and pyar se baat karte ho ye bhi bahot khas he.

Anyja mukunde

Shweta Ma’am you are gentle and kind, we love your vibe, its easy to communicate with you and get issues things solved.

Amar kumar

Really Shweta Ma’am you are very supportive and whenever I need any kind of assistance Shubhamm Sukhlecha Sir’s  team and specially you Ma’am are always there, I have purchased many online lecture but once you buy they will never revert  you back even not clear your doubt, but Ma’am you are undoubtedly very good helpful and precious thanks Shweta Ma’am  for all assistance.

Shruti biyani

Through Shubhamm Sir’s lectures I not only learned about his subject but also I learned many values which is am  applying in real life and I am so thankful to him that I cant even express in words the way Sir teach is enjoyable and  interesting at the same time I am thankful to him for making me get more clearer with my goals and life I respect and  adore him as my idol a lot, kindly convey him that I am really thankful for what he teach be it study wise or be it life wise.

Saloni bhutra

The beautiful journey of MCS , IBC and Funding is completed with the best Shubhamm Sir, Sir you are the best you  always inspire and motivate us, you make every difficult things lado, Hat’s off to all your valuable efforts, Sir your lectures  and teaching style are wonderful thank you so much for your love , support and guidance you teach me how to handle or   overcome from difficult situation you are just good mentor but also a good friend who always teaches what is good n what  is bad, I have learn many things from you and enhanced my knowledge and skills, you always boost my confidence your rat  and restaurant stories are wonderful and during classes when you call beta ji, it makes my whole day, huge respect to you  sir I am so blessed to have a guru like you, love you sir and always stay healthy.. 

Ashna Solanki

Thank you so much mam for such fast delivery, truly speaking hat’s off to the whole SSM team, you all are really great  Ma’am I will be always thankful for your support.

Isha surana

Hii!!! Just read about this that you people plant tree for every order and wanted to let you know that Ma’am this is a  great initiative plus by ordering to the product even I contribute something to nature and thank you for the same.

Divya saluja

Planting a plant on every order via SSM is something which only Shubhamm Sir and his entire team SSM can initiate huge  respect Ma’am.

Mansi head

It’s really such an amazing initiative as we are not learning only about our syllabus but so many things from  Shubhamm Sir and his entire team. Feeling proud to be part of SSM.

Abdul ahemad khan

Yaar Shubhamm Sir kitne awesome hai plants a tree for every order.

Aaradhya jadhav

Wow Ma’am what a initiative. Really it will inspire the youth. Shubhamm Sir ki jay..

Shivanshu sharma

Proud to be a part of team SSM.

Mantasha habib

Really amazing initiative, happy & proud to be student at SSM.

Divya gawade

Wow this is really amazing indeed a beautiful idea to plant trees on each order proud to be a part of SSM.

Charmi Shah

Hats off to Shubhamm Sir and his entire SSM team, booked order on 1st march and received on 4th march best of  best services, tons of thanks to all working behind this.


Shubhamm Sir you are just amazing, we love your lectures we get so much confidence from you Sir. Blessed to be  your student.

Jhanvi Joshi

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir no words to describe this happiness. Having a great mentor like you in our life  is such a blessing. Once again thanks a lot Sir.

Anchal Keshari

Thank you thank you thank you so much Shubhamm Sir you are the best teacher ever aapki wahjah se hi  corporate funding me itna score la payi, your memory techniques are great specially in lodr.

Sushmita Pisute

I am CS professional student. I had referred Shubhamm Sirs notes for 3rd group I have cleared my 3rd group and I  have scored exemption in listing your YouTube lectures have helped a lot, thank you so much Shubhamm Sir.

Priyanshi Jain

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir all this is possible because of you and not only your course completion but  your motivation played most important role.

Amisha Tiwari

Shweta Ma’am i literally want to read again module 3 with Shubhamm Sir although I have cleared with a superb  marks all because of Shubhamm Sir.

Ashna Solanki

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir and entire SSM team fastest order processing I have ever seen. Special thanks  to all working behind this you all deserve a lot of appreciation thanks a million.

Khushal Sharma

Hats off to your entire SSM team Ma’am, really whenever i message any issue to your technical team they  immediately call to resolve problems.

Sakshi Agarwal

Thank you so much Shweta Ma’am finally I receive my books. Thank you because aap humesha help karte ho humari.

Saurav Mishra

Even I have got such a quick response from the team and even got the serial key as well on the same day  Thank you Shweta Ma’am

Anshita Joshi

Thank you so much to entire team of SSM for the osm book hamper and thanks to all the management for  such a support, helping me with all my queries Special thanks to Shubhamm Sir

Priyanshi Shah

Thank you so much once again to Shubhamm Sir’s team for helping us a lot & I will give level my best to  make you proud Shubhamm Sir & their team in December 2022

Mitali Shringarpure

Thank you Shweta Ma’am for the support u gave during the professional journey kuch bhi issue hota tha pehle aapko contact karte the To the entire backhand team. A special thanks from my side without your  timely updates wrt lectures etc have been possible.

Jay Dave

From kg to school, school to college honestly Shubhamm Sir jaise aaj tak koi nhi mila aur nahi milega Shubhamm Sir is just awesome

Priya Raj

Shubhamm Sir ne hume sirf padhaya nhi hai balki kaise padha jata hai ye bhi sikhaya yeh books ke gyaan ke saath unhoone zindagi jine ke bhi kayi pehali sikhaye agar exam ki baat karu to sab to vahi tha jo sir  padhaya tha pr usse bhi jada meine Shubhamm Sir se zindagi jeena sikhaya hai, Shubhamm Sir is the best  hope unki seekh ko implement kr pau

Anuj Laddha

I don’t know how to thank you Shubhamm Sir for amazing amazing teaching. Sometimes I think why he  doesn’t teach all the remaining subjects also. He is a blessing. Devmanus hai yaar Shubhamm Sir toh.

Dhanesh Sonimindia

I could score this good just because of Shubhamm Sir. His teaching methods and techniques are just mind  blowing! You just have to do what Shubhamm Sir says and you are ready to score good marks!

Tanya Srivastava

Thank you soo much Shubhamm Sir for giving us so much facilities and for guiding us… Shubhamm Sir you  are too awesome.

Priyanka Sharma

IBC exam went so well paper dekhte he maja aa gaya esa lag raha ta paglon ki tarah idhar udhar bhagna padh jaega maja aa gaya paper dene mein. All credit goes to Shubhamm Sir and his team for putting so much efforts and bringing out the best in us I feel blessed to be your student.

Neha Singh

Your lectures were really helpful Sir in todays paper, really thankful to you.

Rajlaxmi Bagri

  Shubhamm Sir todays corporate funding was amazing. I purchased your lectures and with the help of theme I am able to solve the whole 100 marks paper. Thank you so much Sir.

Kavita Arora

That now exams are over, but I wish to be a part of SSM always. I have been Sir's student when his recorded lectures were provided for the first time ever and that was one of my best decisions ever. Thank you so much for all your help Shweta mam. ????????

Manish Negi

Shubhamm Sir insolvency law exam agar mein without book bhi krta to bhi complete paper likh ke ata. Thank you so much Sir.

Meenakshi sukhija

Even I watch Sir's lecture whole night because I know that I'm not gonna to sleep during the lecture doesn't matter how much sleepy I am... His way of teaching is just awesome... ????????

Ujma Bano

Kaash koi aisa ✍????lafz hota jiske zariye hum ye bta pate ki sir hmare liye kya hain.... Koi bhi lafz chhota hi lagta hai Sir ke liye huge respect for Shubhamm Sir....✨

Nishali Varadharaj

So true! Would love to enroll under Shubhamm Sir for other subjects especially subjects like JIGL, SBEC and EBCL. (In no way other teachers are less) but love it the way Sir keeps us engaged throughout the lectures. ❤️????

Mahek Agarwal

Really Sir. your lectures were like on fire.. Literally the things you taught and with the ease you taught each and every topics were really helpful, and I think I can never ever forget anything.

Tusharika Verma

I so agree ma'am! I remember December 2020 me mera first attempt me 3rd module clear ho gaya tha. I was so happy. Still miss being Sir's student. Sir is a powerhouse of positivity. ❤️ and you have always been so kind and helping ma'am. Thankyou so much. ❤ ️


Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir for your most loved marathons and extra edge session Sir because of your marathons I am able to attempt my paper easily.

Shambhavi Pande

Todays paper was super just wanted to drop in and thank you again for your prompt help and support. Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir.

Kamakshi Anand Naidu

If Shubhamm Sir wouldn't have taught company law and securities law I would have never had the same interest  in these subjects as I have today. He really defines what a good teacher exactly means. I am glad to have him as a teacher, the way he teaches each and every approach is so amazing I cant thank him enough for making every thing seem so easy to me. I remember feeling so dumb in company law and securities law it was just because I wasn't taught well, with Shubhamm Sir I can score exemptions in these subjects .There's  no comparison with his teaching skill. I am happy and blessed to have him as a part of my success.❤

Atika Jain

I am short of words to describe how you played an important role in today's exam!! I gave my 100% shot! And this time I am believing in hard work and efforts all because of you!❤️❤️❤️

Yashashree Vaidya

Really it was so easy ???? Shubhamm Sir covered each and everything ???? there was nothing out of syllabus... Sir's revision lecture was really helpful, because of that I have attempt full marks paper..????

Bhargav Mane

Sir today's company law paper was amazing Your extra edge series was a star performer in my today's exam thank you so much Sir we love you a lot and we are blessed to have such a kind hearted and helpful person as our Sir thank you so much once again. I don't have your number Sir so I am messaging here❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????

Prapti Shetty

INDEED. The best faculty for CLAW and SLCM.


Thank you so much for the great work & Efforts By Shubhamm Sir and team.????We are not 90s kids But we will tell Our Next Generations That we experienced & mentored from such a Hard working & talented people in our time.????

Srishti Sharma

City and State- Bhatpara Chhattisgarh

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir this is my correct decision to take all my classes from Shubhamm Sir. He is the best teacher ever. Means he is the best. Unke lectures dekhne ke baad book hi ni dekhna prta. I think now I can clear my CLAW and SLAW easily. With no more hardwork. Thank you so much.

Shubham Sharma

I am  your CS professional student just wanted to tell you how much helpful your lectures are ❤️Just finished watching ICDR and now going to watch INVIT Thank you so much for your efforts Shubhamm Sir ???????????????? Hats off to you! I regret not having been a regular student in a batch of yours but you are the best faculty I have encountered in my CS journey Thank you again, god bless you with all the health and wealth you deserve.


City and State- Surat, Gujarat

I am from Surat just wanted to appreciate your efforts because you have helped me a lot. I have watched your revision videos of SLCM and I completely liked them ♥️ they were amazing ????????Just watched your ICDR revision video for the first time and I regret that I should have watched it earlier but anyways thankfully before exams I got to know about it and it was very helpful for me. Thank you soo much Sir  ????♥️

Ekansh Sharma

City and State-  Rishikesh Uttarakhand

I am writing down simply to thank Shubhamm Sir for making me laugh under this level of exam pressure. I'm revising additional topics through his lectures uploaded on Google Drive and calling them lectures will not be any justice because that is something a pressure releasing and a knowledge packed session which is interesting, humorous and full of knowledge at the same time. Hats off to Sir for making studies soo easy and interesting. Huge thanks and respect for Sir. His efforts are tremendous and I as a student really admires him and agar jeevan mei kisike attributes chahiye toh vo hain Shubhamm Sukhlecha Sir. He's more than an inspiration. Lots of love from Rishikesh ❤️

Anamika Dubey

City and State- Pune Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir and Shweta Mam You are doing a wonderful wonderful work that is  beyond anything Couldn't express in words how grateful I am that I belong to this group ❤

Aarush Bajpal

Today I want to thank Shubhamm Sir for his wisdom and guidance. His teaching style is totally different from others. His nature is also kind and humble. Also thanks to you Shweta Mam for being a coordinator. ????????????????

Nistha Rastogi

  Thanks to you Shubhamm Sir. You acts like protective shield for our group 3. Lots of love from UP.

Sonam Prajapat

  So grateful for Shubhamm Sir’s marathon which is available on  YouTube For everyone it helped a lot. His teaching style is super. Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir.

Himanshi Laddha

Paper was not easy from the point of view paper setter as Shubhamm Sir ne padhaya hi esa Ki easy laga paper itna????...marathon and quick revision videos are just blessings for students ..Sir uploaded 99% on YouTube which is amazing which shows he is totally dedicated to his students. Baaki aaj ke time mein sab do teen chapter daalke fir pen drive purchase krne ko bol dete hai...At last thanks a lot Sir.

Ashvini Bhingi

Once we become student of Shubhamm Sir…. We found something is missing in others teaching, Sir should start taking entire professional subjects.

Komal Aswani

East or West Shubhamm Sir is the BEST.

Jhanvi Annammikumar

When in between lectures Shubhamm Sir gives the motivational things this is the best thing ever thought this things are so related to our lives thank you so much Sir dil tak jaati hai sari batein you are the best.

Biswambar kuntia

One of the best Teacher for every CS students heart. Love you Shubhamm Sir..????????????????

Kavita Arora

Exams are over, but I wish to be a part of SSM always. I have been Shubhamm Sir's student when his recorded lectures were provided for the first time ever and that was one of my best decisions ever. Thank you so much for all your help Shweta mam. ????????

Shreepooja Patil

Shubhamm Sir's teaching is the best.. I gave attempt of 2nd group in august exam and Securities Law paper was easy for me Sir's numerical session was so perfect. I attempted almost all numerical in paper. When I first saw paper I really thought if Shubhamm Sir was the paper setter. ????

Shalie Suman

Shubhamm Sir’s company law extra edge  videos are awesome every concept is crystal clear. Thank you so much Sir for this. Todays paper was just awesome thank you so much Sir.


Thank you very much Shubhamm Sir my paper was so amazing I am satisfied with my paper just all because of your guidance.

Himanshi kakkar

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir. Today just because of you paper bohot sahi ho gaya. Aapne jaise revision lectures mein chats form mein notes prepare karwaye tha unse sara concept yaad aa gaya.

Akansha Gupta

Shubhamm Sir your extra edge was fully helpful. Quoted right section in every answer for first time. Thanks a lot Sir I was remembering your words easy vizze very easy while reading questions.

Jyoti Pandey

I have attended your marathon lectures and I was able to solve almost 70% of paper Shubhamm Sir’s marathon helped me a lot. Even I had revised from your marathon one night before exam. Thank you so much Sir for being such fantabulous teacher.

Manjula Srisailam

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir for your securities law lectures it helped me a lot as I am writing both modules. Your study material & teaching is super, in todays paper so many questions covered from your creamy topics. Thank you Sir.

Ajay Singh

Thank you so much Shubhamm Sir I am not one of your regular batch students. But I watched all the Securities law lectures that were present on the internet and now I can confidently say I am at least scoring 55…. I will always be obliged keep blessing us with your knowledge Sir.

Sejal Kankane

Just want to thank a tone to Shubhamm Sir. I had gone through all the revision videos of your SLCM and paper went just superb. Thanks a lot for being an amazing teacher.

Sarthak Agrawal

I must say what an amazing Shubhamm Sir. The way he teaches the way he takes life the way he handles stress all are commendable????????????. I don’t know about the results but this was the time I could give 100% of mine…The efforts taken by him in his books in his video lectures in his marathons and in every aspect I couldn’t find any teacher doing so much efforts thanks to my senior for recommending him and thanks to him for all his support..!!!❤️❤️

Shalini Sharma

Shubhamm Sir hats off to you...You are the one and only best faculty for SLCM and Claw. Apse Accha koi nhi...Apke padhaye hue sare concepts bhoolte nhi hai hum jaldi...❤️???? Seriously I can't define you in words❤️

Vaishnavi Hebbar

Shubhamm Sir simplifies all the difficult provisions. His way of teaching is just very impressive! I want him to teach all the subjects of CS executive????..because he is the best !! No faculty can match his teaching style ???? Love from Karnataka.

Tanisha Kesarvani

My whole journey with Shubhamm Sir and team was outstanding. The best ever teacher ...I'm blessed to have a teacher like this???????? Moreover...looking forward to learning a Lot in company law ???? . Bahot dhanyawaad to the SSM team. ????????

Puja Agarwal

Shubhamm Sir not only teach the syllabus of a book  ..He teaches the most important lessons of life which is not part of any syllabus of any book ...Sir you will be my idol forever .....

Kaustubh Jambhale

A dashing Ming boggling personality who, sculptures a professional attitude and a career from ART of his teaching You have created a special space in all of our hearts With all due respect, love you Shubhamm Sir.

Komal Agarwal

Shubhamm Sir is truly blessing for us. Another version of God ???? Really Sir you are the best

Shubhamm Lodha

Shubhamm Sir ji kya padhate ho shandar jordar. Aapse accha or koi nhi iss duniya mein company law bahut hi jabardast easy way mein padhate ho. Thank you Sir. ????????


Today's paper of mcs also went well thanks to Shubhamm Sir for all his efforts from detail discussion of cases in regular lectures to revision lectures and also his books saarthi and yoddha really helped a lot ... Thank you so much Sir for all your efforts and for all your motivation ????????????????

Anjum Shaikh

Yes Shubhamm Sir is outstanding teacher ...I have listened just 2 lectures of him as I was dam ill & I have quickly generated too much interest in company law more than earlier .....May God always bless him with good health ....It may feel student brilliant like  Albert Enstine but requires good teacher who is dam passionate about teaching & loves student ; It really matters too much...Right direction matters too much. May God always bless all faculty members with good health!

Surbhi Goyal

We are so lucky to have you Shweta Mam along with Shubhamm  Sir.

Anchal Kush

Yeah.. I made the right decision by purchasing the lectures from Shubhamm Sir

Khushnoor Ansari

Kolkata, West Bengal

Honestly the entire team of Shubham Sir is best????...Even in this complete lockdown situation we have been provided with the lectures on a daily basis which is an appreciable effort. Quality of the lectures are too good. I have never faced a single problem yet.

Saransh Shrivastava

Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Shubhamm Sir is not only a faculty but itself an institution. His way of teaching and way of clearing  concepts is much more satisfactory. Sometimes I have to think what doubts I should ask after such explanation????. His study material and charts are ultimate????

Shraddha Sanjay Berde

Panvel, Maharashtra

The lectures are really too good. Very informative, every concept Shubhamm Sir explain in very descriptive way. Shubhamm Sir makes us write summary of every topic. Also guide on how we should revise it. It is really nice experience to learning with Shubhamm Sir. Detail explanation of every topic. Summary notes of each topic. Lectures are not of lengthy hours. Guidance on revision aspect as well. And last but not least Shweta mam is very efficient coordinating????.

Chaitrali Wagh

Mumbai Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir teaches very passionately. He himself works hard prepares the best possible and easy notes for students not only from exam point of view but also in terms of practical knowledge and experience. Capital market and now funding  became my favorite subjects all thanks to Shubhamm Sir .

Pooja Agarwal

Nanded Maharashtra

Shubhamm sir is really amazing and especially his memory technique to learn every concept. He is not just teaching the part of syllabus but also he teaches the valuable lessons of life.

Naresh Kumar

Faridabad, Haryana

Have much good experience. the reason why I opt for Shubham sir is that he makes us understand conceptually about the topics n chapter on tips n we can revise the entire chapter without even opening the book.

Surbhi Goyal

patna, Bihar

Lectures no doubt are quite interesting. Though being an online student never felt that or faced any sort of problem. Shubhamm sir’s way of teaching helps to retain things for a longer period of time if done with proper guidance given by you.

shubhangi Mishra

Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh

My experience with Shubhamm Sir have always been  amazing, whether it's YouTube marathon for executive or your full lectures of professional.

Alok Mishra

west Bengal

Shubhamm Sirs teaching style is wonderful. By explaining all the  concept in details, each and every thing is so beautifully explained....

Ritik Sunil madnani


Quality of lecture is best and it is awesome to learn from Shubhamm Sir. Sir’s style of teaching and mind mapping technique is awesome.

Anandima Mawkin

Kanpur U.P

Shubhamm Sirs teaching is Amazing, very elaborative and it never feels that I am watching a recorded class

Jagriti Chaurasia

Allahabad State: Uttar Pradesh

Shubhamm Sirs lectures are very interesting and make me eager to listen. The lectures are with real time examples, so I am able to understand better. Notes are also very interesting and clearly structured. Lecturing style is engaging. Well I truly regret for not being a live class student in spite that the concept of live virtual batch is fantastic. Everything is excellent

Purushottam Deshmukh


The experience about the Shubhamm Sirs lectures are quite remarkable and appreciable as well. I was astonished when Shubhamm Sir told us in voice chat that he was setting-up all the things required  for recording lectures at home like wow. Some people really deserve respect which i have and will always have for you sir.

Shraddha Eknath Deokar

Pune, Maharashtra

It's very nice as I have already attended Shubhamm Sirs live lectures, I know his teaching style it is very unique and logical. But while buying live virtual lecture I was little afraid of how it will work. But now I'm so comfortable with this and I feel like he daily comes to my house to teach me. While lecture going on I don’t even realize that it is virtual.



Its really amazing especially the SSM app.. it is very handy and i can access it easily to my android . I had faced no problem in getting the lectures and the best part is quick response. Each and every part of Shubhamm Sirs lecture is best but the thing i like the most in his lecture is that after studying from his lecture, I don't have to go through the institute module again as Sirs notes are enough

Kezia Rasmi Jude

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I've never seen a person like Shubhamm Sir.  He has such a vast knowledge and the lectures are out of the world! His innovative approach makes it very easy for us to study. I wouldn't mind sitting an entire day and listen to him as he is so much fun and approachable. Shubhamm Sir makes everything simple. I feel very lucky to be his student as Sir is a gem of a person & he cares so much for us.

Seema Velaye

Mumbai, Maharashtra

When I was Shubhamm Sirs YouTube student lectures were amazing and still  it is recommended for everyone to watch so that it can bring clarity to the subject matters.. Specially Company law and CMSL And as virtual student( late admission) for corporate funding and mcs... I realized that Shubhamm Sir covered almost everything like study pattern, writing skill, presentation of answer, Flexible notes likes MCS Saarthi, Yodha and charts book , study Quiz....Even the Revision lecture of MCS and funding...More than expected..????????

Gayatri Chavre

Pune Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sirs each and every concepts gets crystal clear even live lectures helps to solve doubts quickly. Quick revision lectures specially for mcs helps alot to revise topics in 1 hour daily????. Examples given by Shubhamm Sir for each topic helps not only for exams but for practical life too. Shubhamm Sirs work sheet , quick lectures boosts confidence while revising topics.




Kavya Garg

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

I really had an awesome experience by learning from Shubhamm Sir. The live virtual batch gave the feel of classroom teaching which was missing due to the pandemic...He has not only provided me with bookish knowledge but also  taught me the most important lessons of life during his lectures which everyone needs to learn at this age. I always wanted to gain more and more knowledge through Shubhamm Sirs lectures during the entire batch...

Shruti Sharma

jaipur, Rajasthan

It's beyond expectation, I never believed that online lectures can be so effective and so wonderful. Firstly, different different strategies which Shubhamm Sir used while teaching either chart, summary, memory technique, yodha, saarthi they are always mind blowing. Secondly, the positive energy he shared with us while teaching, it always motivates me to concentrate and turns my no into yes.

Nadeem Arshad

Jharkhand City – Ranchi

1)To be honest, I have never seen a mentor like Shubhamm Sir. The way he teaches us, he ensure that we understand in each possible way. 2) The dedication he shows towards making us all successful is what motivate us to move forward and achieve all the things we like. 3) Apart from the studies, those mini life lessons of 5-6 minutes in between the lecture also guides us to think way beyond our studies and job. All of that was too good and stored permanently in my mind.  At last I would like assure Shubhamm Sir that I will try my best and would not let you down in any way. This is the only assurance that I could give right now from my side but I promise to follow all the good things that you have said and also hoping to meet you some day so that I could thank you personally.  Thank you very much sir for your guidance and major life lessons????????.

Bhagyashree sinker

Pune Maharashtra

THE BEST lectures. Shubhamm Sir's teaching style is awesome. I can watch the lectures back to back easily because Sir is so energetic and enthusiastic.

Saurav Shet

Mangalore, Karnataka

Overall, it was a great experience. Shubhamm Sir puts his heart and soul into the lectures. Even during COVID-19 Lockdown, it was not an easy task to teach in front of a camera. Nevertheless hats off to Shubhamm Sir for his immense dedication towards teaching. If you just watch his demo lectures you can see the determination and efforts that he puts into teaching. I am blessed that I got to experience his lectures. He will forever be an inspiration. I regret not taking the classes for CS Executive Programme. If you are a CS aspirant, I highly recommend Shubhamm Sir for both the Executive and Professional Programme. It is worth your money and time. The lectures and his teaching will also help you when you start your internship/ article ship.

Pooja Agarwal

Nanded Maharashtra

SSM is really amazing, i am blessed to be a student of Shubhamm Sir . The extra edge sessions and writing practice month creates a lot of difference in my studies. Now I am able to handle the case laws and also able to quote the section number in my answer just because of Shubhamm sir's effort.

Indrani .R

Bangalore and State: Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir is A.Very punctual in time
  1. Perfectly clarify all concepts with section wise
  2. Writing practice was very good it taught us how to practice daily.

M Venkata Naga Kiranmayi

Hyderabad and Telangana respectively

Studying with Shubhamm Sir was amazing. Able to remember every thing explained by Sir, and last but not the least feel very energetic and able to focus a lot during the lecture.

Kripa. k.

Calicut, Kerala

The experience with SSM was splendid in every sense. More over it was very helpful  to inculcate the writing habit in us and in no doubt, SSM was committed to it. We could go in-depth with the subject through section series and writing practice. Shubhamm Sir is always the best.. the best soul with tons of energy and commitment. He never failed to motivate us and he tried his level best to keep us in good track..and we are much indebted to him. And keep doing this Sir, because there are few around us who is concerned about others query and work according to that and we are so lucky to have Shubhamm Sir as our mentor at least virtually????

Harshit Goyal.


My experience studying from Shubhamm Sir was wonderful.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Actually I don't have words to express it. I cleared both groups of executive. 2020You are not only a teacher but an angel for us...❤️❤️. I took classes of 4 papers and my CFL and MCS is dependent on you just like executive. No doubt I have to do a lot hard work for this. And I promise I will clear all 3 groups again in 1st attempt. Be with me and all students in CS professional also????????

Chinman Khanna

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir is super energetic. I have recall all the sections which i used to leave for the next time, and that next time had came with extra edge. Your extra edge series gives me a confidence in company law.

Gayatri sawant

Thane, Maharashtra

I never get bore in Shubhamm Sirs class, I stay motivated and most important study karne ka mood hota Hai WISH I COULD MEET SIR ONCE IN LIFE.. It was good, it improve my written skill.

sarita joshi


It was a great experience to study with Shubhamm Sukhlecha Sir ...the extra edge session helps me a lot...in remembering the sections...and writing practice also helps me a lot in writing answers properly.....The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that he teaches like nobody else...His way of teaching is best.... i can't forgot anything he teaches.... thank u so much sir for such lovely lectures. Everything is good.... just do which will be best for the students????



Experience with Shubhamm Sir is really good and also the writing practice helped me a lot and a perfection in my answers too...and also we are getting organized to study. Shubhamm Sir is very kind hearted.. His guidance and the way of teaching is unique and it will also help us in many ways.. Also Sir is taking his subject in a very conceptual way...

Jui Tejas Bhat


Had great experience with SSM writing practice month was really help everything whatever you did for us was great and helpful. Best part about shubhamm sir is he is very motivating and he explains concept in a very easy way not if I have any doubt any time I go and watch lecture again again he is the best ❤️❤️

Mani Makhija

Agra ( U.P.)

Studying with Shubhamm Sir was amazing I barely  had any doubts as all of them were incorporated in the lectures and the mentorship programme helped learning the sections easily with some extra edge

Poornima Gupta

Lucknow (U.P.)

It's really a wonderful experience.. The extra edge sessions , writing practice , marathons are really beneficial. It develops a confidence  in me to crack the exam with flying colors ???? I feel so fortunate that I study under the mentorship of Shubham Sir..  He teaches so wonderfully.. His energy in the lectures motivates us to study more n pass with flying colors. Whenever I feel like that I don't want to study, I start watching lectures of shubham sir.. his voice gives me immense energy to get on track.  I have never met shubham sir but I will definitely come Pune to meet him.. Shubham Sir Is the best teacher and the best person as well????

Shweta Jain

Varanasi up

With shubhamm sir my experience is great . I would love to watch and study from Shubhamm Sir. Shubham sir helps a lot to each and every student who follow sir continuously



Honestly, learning law is easy with you Shubhamm Sir. I m really impressed the way Sir teaches. His notes and explanations are really very helpful. Thank you is just a word Sir. I'm really happy that I found you and you are the best teacher I have ever seen.

sadguru paraspatki

shirdi , Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir is the best teacher I ever met .Classes with Shubhamm Sir have been so worthwhile! Sir has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun.❤️

Aakanksha Mohan

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

I cannot thank enough to the team of SSM for all the efforts they have made for the students. I am in executive appearing for 2nd group. I have taken lectures for security laws and I am eagerly waiting  for a revision series like company law. I am pretty sure I'll be able to clear my exams with flying colors. I am really glad that i am a part of SSM and i really appreciate the efforts of Shubhhamm Sir and his entire team. Literally Everything. Even on a day when you I feel low I just remember the time when Shubhamm Sir told his story how he used to manage college, CA and CS exams and article ship too and said we should have a 100% give up attitude.

Ritu Pandey


I love the way Shubhamm Sir teaches. Everything about your lectures or just the random sessions is amazing. Having said that, not just the teaching pattern but also the way he treats us (more as a friend and mentor than as a TEACHER) is something that we all are thankful for! Learning from Sir everyday and evolving as a person too. The best part about this whole journey of studying and getting to learn from him is the growth that we experience and the knowledge we gain, which is not only helpful for examinations but for lifetime.

Vimpi Sahu

Kolkata, West Bengal

Shubhamm Sirs sessions are great. Really enjoyed and every part of Companies Act is crystal clear.... It was amazing, I have attended all the classes of that extra edges. It helped a lot. Thank you for the amazing session.

Prachi Aggarwal

New Delhi

I can put my experience with Shubhamm Sir in words. It was beyond amazing. I've learnt so many things from him not only academically but about life as well which I can never forget ever in my life. Sirs teaching style is unique. I was so sad when the lectures got over. I really wish that i could be 1% of what he is, I wouldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for being you. Will always be grateful to you.

Priya Bhura

Nokha, Rajasthan

It's wonderful... Shubhamm Sir teaches so flawlessly and sab concept bohot ache se explain karte hai.

Purushottam Deshmukh

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

The experience about the lectures are quite remarkable and appreciable as well. I was astonished when Shubhamm Sir told us in voice chat the he was setting up all the things required for recording lectures at home like wow. Some people really deserve respect which I have and will always have for you, sir. He is wholesome is the Best Teacher. Talking about studies, lectures, and revisions I'm speechless and I just can't express how lucky I'm to have you as my teacher and mentor at the same. Immaculate Shubhamm Sir.

Shraddha Eknath Deokar

Pune, Maharashtra

Rather than talking about what is the best part, f Shubhamm Sir, I would like to say HE IS THE BEST. Sir's teaching is Ekdum Bhari. I most like how he links the various topics of the chapter and explains it in a flow and the same he does with the whole subject which gives us clear direction. I literally think this is the best way of teaching I ever have seen. Apart from this he always gives charts for almost all topics which help us to retain longer. I must say technical subjects like funding and listing, I  never imagined in charts forms, but he did. Sometimes I feel like he only teaches me all subjects.

Madhura Jog

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubham Sir is a true mentor any student can ask for. He makes the subject extremely easy to understand and due to his constant repeating habit, the subject gets perfectly absorbed in the student's mind. He is a humble mentor and his passion for teaching also motivates us to study even harder. thank you very much, Sir. This is my first online class. The lectures are as real as sitting in the classroom and sir teaching us. I was worried about the subject more due to lockdown. But thanks to Shumbhamm Sir for easing out the worries.

Rashmi Daryani


Shubhamm Sir's lectures are great and the application is easy to use. Clear concepts and awesome teaching techniques by sir...

Naresh Kumar

Faridabad, Haryana

The reason why I opt for Shubhamm Sir is that he makes us understand conceptually about the topics and chapter on tips and we can revise the entire chapter without even opening the book. -2nd the most important is that he picked the entire content and language from ICSI's study material.  The overall experience with Sir has remained outstanding. Faced no issue during lectures. and have a lot of good experience. Specially In MCS, the summary chart is an outstanding way to get the cases laws in seconds. Thank you Sir for this work. Things get much easier by opting for such a mobile application.


Chennai, Tamilnadu

Shubhamm Sirs Lectures are very interactive and we are satisfied. He makes chart form for remembering technique for each and every topic.

Rahul Maurya


The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is his level of energy. Am fully satisfied with module 3rd of cs professional.

Tusharika Verma

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

As per the lectures that I have taken so far, I liked the way of teaching of Shubhamm Sir. So far I am very satisfied with the lectures. He makes it very easy to remember the theory. I have not revised anything so far but I still remember everything from the classes.

Nisha Lodha

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part of the Shubhamm sir is his notes and the way he interacts which has helped me to build the interest in the respective subjects also the way of his teaching is commendable I'm a new student, had studied CMSL in executive with the help of few lectures of Shubhamm Sir and I'm very happy that I took this decision to go for this virtual batch. The way he teaches is amazing. His lectures are worth enough and quiet efficient

Gitika Agnani

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

The best part is that in a virtual lecture of Shubhamm Sir is everything he has taught is deeply fitted into my mind. Lectures are absolutely awesome.

Maitreyee Mishra

Kolkata, West Bengal

Honestly, the only thing that I sit with during seeing Shubhamm Sir's lecture are Sir's Material, Stationery, and Focus, and the works are done. The teaching is embedded in my head. Over the period of 40 lectures that I've consumed till date, I guess I had doubts only twice, which shows how clear the teachings are. It's clear and crisp, to say the least.

Prerana Kashyap

Bangalore, Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are very effective and efficient. The clarity of concepts is amazing. every topic is to deal with the same level of focus and dedication. It improves the way we remember the concepts.

kripal kukreja

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style is great. Providing continuous revisions and covering every topic reduces the burden of students. Converting the whole syllabus into summary form for the last revision is a good initiative. Teaching without students is very difficult but still, for the students, he is totally dedicated. Studying from my favorite teacher I always wished he should also teach at a professional level. A delightful experience. Providing lectures during the lockdown in such situations is appreciable.

Himani Jhamar

Singhpur (Chittorgarh), Rajasthan

In Shubhamm Sir's lectures:- 1.Cummulative revision, 2.Revising the concept 2-3times in the lecture itself makes it easier to fix in mind! 3.And some slangs like- gadho!, Attempt ki Kasam padho! And all.. which prevents from dozing off in between the lectures ... Meant subjects becomes interesting!

Aditi kabra

Pune, Maharashtra

Studying with Shubhamm Sir is actually fun since he makes us memorize everything. I like the way he builds an approach towards studying a subject, its streamlines the entire subject

Vaishnavi Dandale

Thane, Maharashtra

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that each topic is explained in a very simple language which is helpful for us to understand.

Aditya Jain

Khanpur, Rajasthan

The teaching style of Shubhamm Sir is very good and it is very easy to remember things after class as well. Charts provided by Sir is the best part of our material, it is very helpful for quick revision. An in-depth analysis of every topic is the best way to understand the practicality and application of the law.


Hyderabad, Telangana

Subham Sir is only the best part. This is only the reason I bought the lectures. The live and practical examples of topics is another best part.

Rucha Harsulkar


Lectures are just awesome and perfect. Each and every concept is explained in a detailed and in very simple language. The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is that you never get bored with the subject.

Gaurav Joshi

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Awesome experience ... the First time I have ever seen that team is so cooperative even after lectures are purchased. Great work Shubhamm Sir

Nidhi Goyal

Nagpur, Maharashtra

The best part of the lectures is that I can watch the lectures at any time without downloading them. Till now I didn't face any problems with the lectures. In CS Executive I purchased Shubhamm Sir's audio lectures. I already knew how he teaches. Diagram and summary notes make it easy to revise the whole chapter.

Surbhi Raj

Kolkata, West Bengal

The best is studying through summary charts which makes everything go with ease. So far experience with Shabhamm Sir has been really great with all queries and technical issues being resolved in real-time.

Shraddha Sanjay Berde

Panvel, Maharashtra

The lectures are really too good. Very informative, every concept sir explain in a very descriptive way. Shubhamm Sir makes us write a summary of every topic. Also, a guide on how we should revise it. It is really nice to experience to learn with Shubhamm sir.

Saransh Shrivastava

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

SL was like a phobia for me then I watched Shubhamm Sir's Securities Law MARATHON on YouTube since then I thought if he is teaching in this way in marathons then he will be TOOFAN in the regular class and decided to take his Lectures in professional, I also told him the same via WhatsApp. And now I m blessed to be his student. He is the best in every subject he teaches. Ekdam TOOFAN Securities Law was like a phobia for me then I watched Shubhamm Sir's Securities Law MARATHON on YouTube since then I thought if he is teaching in this way in marathons then he will be TOOFAN in the regular class and decided to take his Lectures in professional. And now I m blessed to be his student. He is the best in every subject he teaches. Ekdam TOOFAN

Rupal Mittal

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

The way Shubhamm Sir teach is the best also the concept stick automatically in my mind doesn't need extra effort to learn such a concept

Ashutosh Kumar

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Shubhamm Sir's sincerity towards the lectures and his dedication is commendable. The content is amazing as expected.

Kruti Mehta

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir EVERYTHING. I haven't met Shubhamm Sir ever. Like watched his 1 marathon in executive and Ran to be his professional student. I don't know why but he gives me tears in his eyes whenever he speaks. His teaching is ON POINT. the best part is we can learn the whole chapter by only watching the videos. He makes a remember things with him in class. TOOFANI SIR !.

Aditi Agarwal

Agra,Uttar Pradesh

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is to get the chapters revised and learned on an everyday basis and the way Shubhamm SSR designed the book is amazing, making a summary of every topic simultaneously so that to have multiple revisions in less time and it helps to have a quick revision from those summaries is a beautiful concept and study become more interesting. The experience of the lectures is awesome and especially the concept of a quick revision video of every chapter helps to memorize things easily.

Soniya Manapure


Studies with Shubhamm Sir is always a pleasure, studies with him are the real key to success. Shubhamm Sir is the best Mentor blessed to have you, sir.  His memory techniques and patterns of studies wave off all the stress and studies are so fun I have learned a lot from him. Sir has always been an inspiration to me. And I have a dream of working with him there a lot more to learn

Prapti Potdar


I have attended Sir's  Live lectures in Executive and have opted for Virtual lectures for Professionals, the way he connects with his students is the best part. The way he explains the complex concepts in the simplest manner that one can never forget. Timely revisions of the topics by him are so helpful to recall the concepts during examinations. In addition to this, the notes and chart books make studies much more interesting.

Prabhat Singhal

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir. As I am a new student, but with my limited wisdom all I can say Shubhamm sir is one of the finest professional, His articulation skills along with a continuous revision of difficult provisions/rule in the class itself makes him a perfect mentor

Pooja Agarwal

Bilaspur chhattisgarh

Shubhamm Sir short notes on the left-hand side will be very helpful and teaching like big brother and very sweetly and nicely. Concept clarity and everything.

Srishti Verma

Gaya, Bihar

I would just say m blessed to have a teacher like Shubhamm Sir and I can bet we CS students cant get a better teacher than him for the subject he deals with. Lectures are awesome sir seriously the way Sir teaches makes the concept crystal clear and even makes the topic so easy to memorize and that too word to word.


Tirupur, TamilNadu

First of all, I thank you Shubhamm Sir for his support to students even in this pandemic situation. It's only because of Sir I cleared my CS Executive module 2, I was his YouTube student. Sir your teaching always motivated me to push my limits and groom myself to be a better person. The lectures are so lively and your smile always brings a smile to our faces. Sir your way of teaching is excellent I never felt that I should make extra effort to understand, it just like a cakewalk. Feeling so blessed to be your student. I always admire your dedication and passion for teaching. Lots of love and Respect sir

Sagar Mulchandani

Ahmedabad; Gujarat

The best part to study with Shubham Sir is I need not memorize the concept he always cleans the concept as a mirror.  His notes are also good from where I can revise the whole chapter in a few minutes. The lectures are very good. I can use these lectures from anywhere and even I can download them to see without an interception.

Kavita Arora

Ludhiana, Punjab

I was a student of Shubhamm sir in executive and when I got to know that he is going to teach professional also and that too with the concept of the live virtual batch, I immediately registered for the whole third module because studying from him is a blessing. Tufaan padhate hai sir. And he always comes up with something different and unique for his students. The best part is that he uses module language and it becomes very scoring for us and at the last, I have taken many online classes but to be very honest, Shubhamm sir is the only one who solves all my doubts. I even use my executive notes till date because of so much clarity in concepts through the summary diagram. He is indeed the best teacher, the best professional, and a very nice human. Because for him it's just not about passing the exams only.

Mitali Chouksey

Bhopal, M.P

Shubhamm sir is the best teacher. He has a brilliant teaching style. He makes everything so easy for us, it's very easy to retain things through his notes. He makes our concepts crystal clear. Never liked securities law but Shubhamm sir made this subject my favorite. Funding would have been very tough without Shubhamm sir. Best teacher ever!!!

Mehul Prajapat

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The experience has been really wonderful and great, lectures are amazing Shubhamm Sirs' teaching and dedication make me want to study hard as well. The left-hand side part of his study material ❤

Veerti Shah

Mumbai, Maharashtra

This course often appears boring to most people. But Shubhamm sir's energy and his way of teaching make the subject so interesting and fun and easy. His lectures can never bore us. This is a very genuine opinion. And he's made a benchmark for teaching. I'm struggling to find someone similar for the remaining subjects. And also, mind mapping skills are mind-blowing. I wish to excel at that myself now. The lectures are quite convenient. Redressal of any issues is super quick and effective

Ishika S Jain

Chennai, Tamilnadu

The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is heartily feeling that actually everything is best. The explanations, the revisions, the way or the approach towards learning is really easing the way to learn. I really feel light while learning your subjects. Tbh I have never seen a professor taking these many efforts and coming up with creative ideas to learn as you take sir. The overall experience of the lecture is fantastic and the lectures really go in a very smooth way...

Raveena Chandani

Bhopal, M.P

Shubhamm sir teaches us so well. Couldn't have asked for a better teacher. All his efforts are really appreciable. Big big THANKS from my side. My experience regarding lectures is pretty good. The additional notes you have provided is the real time-saver for us. Thanks for all the efforts.

Rutuja Minesh Dalal

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

I appreciate Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style...the best part is that ..before going into detail he makes sure that the overall picture of the subject or chapter is clear which makes the foundation strong. Also, his small funny talks relieve the pressure of studies. 1st time I saw his SLCM revision lecture on youtube and I decided to learn from him in CS PROFESSIONAL..due to my personal issues It would not have been possible for me to come to Pune which's why again thanking Sir for the virtual batch.

Shruti Dhapodkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir is a good lecturer who complements the notes withdrawn/worked examples. Although the module content is very difficult for me when I read the books, his lecturer made it easy to understand. Lecture notes are ordered and clear.  Lectures are interesting and refreshing and not boring*

Pranali Shinde

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir... I can simply say that he is the great personality I have ever come across, I really feel blessed to have a teacher like him. I have studied my executive program from him and was able to secure an exemption in Securities Law only because of him and when I got to know that he will be teaching for Professional program as well, I was astonished. His teaching style is just awesome.. when he is revising certain concepts in the ICDR chapter which we have already studied in executive... I just sometimes go into flashbacks... I have really enjoyed the journey of the executive program, and I am pretty sure that we will be successful in our journey of the Professional program as well... Lastly thank you so much sir for the efforts you take for us.

Ritu H Mulchandani

Ulhasnagar, Thane, MH

Our Shubham sir is the best teacher and Feels like he is god for cs students. Sir's Teaching style inspiring me to study more and more.

Aakansha Patodi

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

“Easy. Easy. Easy. Arey yeh toh toofaan topic hai. Bahut interesting hai yeh chapter.” When Shubhamm Sir says these lines we accept it to be true. And this is the best thing about him.

Hemanshi Parekh

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir teaches each and every concept very nicely in an innovative way which helps to understand and learn faster and retain the concept easily. Also, he has made great efforts in making the chart books and notes. Thank you would not be enough for the efforts he has made but still thank you so much, Sir.

Shruti Sharma

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The way Shubhamm Sir is teaching to us Is way more than awesome, especially all his techniques which help us to study better either by the charts, table, diagrammatic form or the wired chart format in MCS, summary notes, picturization are beyond words... Thank u... So so so much Sir for everything and for providing classes without any break even in such a critical situation.

Gopal Gupta

Jodhpur Rajasthan

Shubhamm Sir provides probably the best and most suitable crux of every content. I feel privileged as you're one of the Bestest teachers and Mentor in my life. I started watching your YouTube lectures during my Executive Journey. I was nervous anxious and don't know what to do, then suddenly I found your videos related to SLCM and Company Law. Aur Ittefaq dekhiye got highest number in both groups of your Subjects and able to pass out in my 1st attempt. Still, Remember that I take an Oath "Padhna Toh Isi Bandhe Se Hai."

Namita Mittal

Champa Chhattisgarh

Lectures of Shubhamm Sir are awesome no words for him. I enjoy seeing his lectures.. the best part is his notes which he told us to write. Thank You, Sir.

Burhanuddin Kholiya

Udaipur, Rajasthan

At a time when I was in "executive", I saw Shubhamm sir's lecture on youtube and I prayed to God ki kaash "professional" level par sir ki class available ho Jae... And after a couple of days from the result, there was an announcement that you are commencing classes for Professional students also.  So it was the best part.  I am very much delighted to have a professor like him. His dedication to his profession (teaching) motivates me a lot.

Anand Joshi

Hyderabad, Telangana

Shubhamm Sir is Student-friendly, Great Clarity on each and every topic, simplicity. Amazing Lectures especially in the virtual platform

Jyoti Pareek

Purnea, Bihar

Shubham sir, the best part is the summary charts covered in our left hand of the page make any topic very easy to understand, and whenever I revise any concept it literally makes me visualize the way sir teaches which is commendable.

Amishi Singai

Bhopal, M.P

Genuinely EVERY THING Sir has got soo positive vibes ..Watching his lecture is never loaded...And the best thing he knows students need short notes at the end ...Soo he makes himself in class for us. He also knows reading is important so he makes us do that also in the class itself ...Which saves almost time for students and we have to just once go through it and do revision...Last day preparation for revision is been done from starting this way of his teaching is best ..Concept of his bookmaking is also good (one side plain and other side theory ) in this way everything gets in 1 book only... He knows where will student lack ..and do things in that way ...

Ankita Sharma

Gurgaon, Haryana

The best part about Shubhamm sir is that he never allows the lecture to be boring.. his way of teaching connects him with us and our thought process. This makes studying very easy. Also, he is a hard-working person, especially for his students. Thank you, sir.

Amatulla Gadisaaz

Udaipur, Rajasthan

I like the whole teaching structure of Shubhamm Sir. His notes and the way he put 100% effort into making understanding each and every topic of the syllabus. The best part is that even I have purchase online lectures I feel totally attached to the academy just because of the Shubhamm Sir teaching.

Arshleen Kaur Saluja

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir makes every provision concise and easy to understand* charts make it's very easy to revise every bit of thing the pause or reading time helps in improving the interpretation skill the quick revision notes and the concept of the wired chart is beautiful in MCS.

Ankit Kapadia

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Only 20 letters cannot define Shubhamm Sukhlecha Sir. However, the best person to learn anything from him. He explains everything in such a simple way we don't need to panic for anything if he's there. Blessed to have him as my teacher and mentor. Thank you so much sirji. He can teach anything about any subject with ease and understanding. Great personality

Ruthuja Gurjal

Pune, Maharashtra

The lectures are excellent. Love the way Shubhamm Sir teaches. It literally fits in the head as it is and in such a way that no human being will forget it. Diagrams, charts, big or small they just work wonders. Especially the ones which you make us draw & the idea of giving background or the basics of any topic. It helps to be crystal clear with the topic. Last but not least the 5 mins you give us to read what you have taught that's is the best of all because if you  haven't understood what the paragraph says you can rewind n watch it

Kavita Kamalapurkar

Mumbai Maharashtra

Shubham sir is undoubtedly Awesome. I really loved the way he teaches. The best part to study is 1) through chart/diagram, 2) design of the book that is a new pattern of study, 3) marathon lectures, 4) friendly way of teaching. I really loved the modern way of learning. Earlier I was worried about taking an online lecture, but after watching his marathon lecture on youtube  I decided to take it, and I am fully satisfied. Worth buying these online lectures. I feel blessed to be part of this academy.

Khushnoor Ansari

Kolkata, West Bengal

No doubt Shubhamm Sir is the best both for executives and professionals. I came to knew about him when I was in CS Executive and one day I watched his marathon lectures of SBEC, Co.Law, and SLCM from that day only I decided to study from him for Professional. And here I am...His level of energy is appreciable the way he makes every provision simple yet easy to understand. At first, I thought Corporate Funding will be very tough for me but Shubhamm Sir has made this subject very interesting and easy to understand and revise all the chapters. I suggest every student of professional go for his lectures so that in the end they won't regret it. Honestly, the entire team of Shubham Sir is best...Even in this complete lockdown situation, we have been provided with the lectures on a daily basis which is an appreciable effort. The quality of the lectures is too good. I have never faced a single problem yet.

Dollima Chaurasia

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are wholesome awesome. Only I know my excitement and energy level to watch lectures every day.

Shreya Jain

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Shubham Sir, experience with him is just speechless, I can't express my feeling towards him. He is like a mentor, as a guardian, like a friend, like a well-wisher, and many more words for him, I just can't express my feeling towards him. His lectures are like the best experience of my life, the best part of my life. I feel like that my guardian is teaching me.

Asmita Pramanik

Ankola Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir is conceptual understanding. Sir, you actually make us understand each and every concept involved under the topics. The next day's revision of the previous session is also helpful in memorizing. And, the thing that u tell us often that towards the end of the class or our study we must take up topics which are difficult to understand, and then wrap it up in the next class at first.. this is really helpful. I get a clear idea of where am I heading, what are the topics of importance.

Anushka Manglani

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The overall experience is really good and I am really happy with the decision of buying lectures from Shubhamm Sir. The best part is I never get bored listening to Sir's lectures. He makes everything so interesting that I can understand everything very easily. Securities law has always been my favorite and with sir the experience till now is great!!

Subhankar Paul

Tezpur, Assam

Shubhamm Sir is very friendly, and I love the gestures Shubhamm Sir does while explaining a point. Also, Sir clarifies each and every doubt when arises. And the best part is that I get serious after listening to this line "Attempt ka Kasam". Thank you very much Sir for the guidance.


North Delhi, Delhi

The thing I like about Shubhamm Sir is that along with understanding the concepts we remember the concepts for writing also. The summary he gives for every paragraph and mind map is so amazing. Lectures Very useful. It's really interesting and informative to study with Shubamm sir. The study materials are prepared very well. The hard work put in is much appreciated.

Ahid Ahemad

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir not only teaches us about what is relevant in the examination, He also teaches about what will be the practical application of this provision. Which I feel very few teachers do. The lectures are great and I love the way Shubham Sir explains each and every detail even if it's a minute one. Especially the charts are super amazing!!

Alok Agrawal

Raipur Chhattisgarh

Everything is best while studying with Shubhamm Sir. My experience has been really good at studying with Sir.

Aditi karwa

Solapur, Maharashtra

Studying with Shubhamm Sir feels like a blessing literally! He makes the subject so interesting that I am excited to watch his lectures! He makes us feel like family which helps us to ask any doubts to him without any hesitation!! The lectures are totally worth it! They are so amazing, watching his lectures never feel like a burden and he clears each and every doubt! Everything is perfect!!!

Gayatri krishna chavre

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir's lectures are very in-depth explanations, not only from an exam point of view but even for practical life. His diagrams, charts are so helpful to revise chapters and remember concepts. Even the environment he creates while teaching makes our study more interesting. Uploading quick revision video lectures really helping me a lot. Sir's teaching is innovative with the clarity of concepts. Thanks for everything.

Sanvir Singh

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Shubhamm Sir puts in all the energy in his lectures, he plans beforehand what is to be written wherein the notes and helps us in improving our interpretation skills. Diagrams help in creating an image of the whole topic. The lectures are amazing, organized, and covers every topic.

Shivani Agrawal

Kota Rajasthan

Shubhamm Sir knows how to make students concentrate on studies and his daily targets are fruitful. The lectures are perfect with related amendments.

Bhuma Saroja

Bangalore, Karnataka

Love Shubham Sir's way of teaching. He does not only teach the subject just for exams but ensures you have an understanding of the concept as well. His teaching style. You feel so comfortable and easy to understand and grasp the topic.

Prajwala Chowbina

Bangalore , Karnataka

Shubhamm Sir, is extremely amazing, his spirit and energy pass on to us virtually motivating us to study. The best part is he is so so organized from where the notes have to be written, how it has to be written to how it can be studied a day before the exam. He has given it all to us. I don't think he can help us more in any way.

Kunal malguzar

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

I really enjoyed Shubhamm Sir's online lectures. It's a great opportunity for me to gather knowledge and score good marks in the exams. Whatever efforts u r taking for us to provide good content even in such an epidemic situation is appreciable Sir.



Each and every part of Shubhamm Sir's lecture is best but the thing I like the most in his lecture is that after studying from his lecture, I don't have to go through the institute module again as his notes are enough and as compared to other faculties lectures, I can retain concept much more easily.

Madhura Jog

Pune, Maharashtra

Shubham Sir is a true mentor any student can ask for. He makes the subject extremely easy to understand and due to his constant repeating habit, the subject gets perfectly absorbed in student's minds. He is a humble mentor and his passion for teaching also motivates us to study even harder. thank you very much, Sir.

Tanvi Phanse

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The best part of the Shubhamm Sir is his notes and the way he interacts which has helped me to build an interest in the respective subjects. I'm a new student who just took the classes on the recommendation of my friend, and I'm very happy that I took this decision. The way he teaches is brilliant.

Chaitrali Wagh

Mumbai Maharashtra

Shubhamm Sir teaches very passionately. He himself works hard to prepare the best possible and easy notes for students not only from an exam point of view but also in terms of practical knowledge and experience. Capital market and now funding became my favorite subjects all thanks to Shubhamm Sir.

Shubhangi Mishra

Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh

The way Shubhamm Sir teaches is really lucid which makes us easy to understand. You motivate us hard and leave no stone unturned to make your students achieve the desired success. Thank you, sir!! Keep motivating us and trust me, you have been the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank you.

Kavya Garg

Kanpur, U.P.

Shubhamm Sirs' teaching style is so efficient that it makes the subjects very easy to understand...The subject like funding can be retained easily with minimum efforts...He is so full of energy that it motivates me to keep working hard and get exemption in all his subjects...

Anandima Mawkin

Kanpur U.P

Shubhamm Sir makes the most difficult chapters so easy to understand and memorize plus all those knowledge capsules and motivation he gives between the lectures make the subject more interesting. Shubhamm Sir is my favorite teacher...

Anushka Bhandari

Barwaha (M.P.)

Shubhamm Sir teaches in the most comic and with gentleness. There is no fear of asking a question to him. He supports in the best possible way he can.

Utkarsh Vyas


The best part to study with Shubhamm Sir is you always be sure that you will crack the examination easily. The fear of examination never caught you. This also helped me in my executive level, the whole credit for clearing the executive in both groups in the first attempt goes to sir's motivation and teaching.

Jagriti Chaurasia

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

It is a great pleasure to show my profound gratitude. Without the blink of an eye, am saying Shubhamm Sir is the best teacher that has ever taught me. Teaching doesn't only entails pouring out academic stuff but the way you convey the concept behind the topic in relation to real-life Scenario is just awesome. I consider myself fortunate to have a teacher like him.

R.Madhav Sai

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Shubhamm Sir's dedication and passion towards the teaching/subject is clearly portrayed whenever you see his lectures. Even though I don't know  HINDI, he explains even the complex concepts in such a beautiful way. To me, he is one of the greatest professors I have ever seen. His method of explanation and expression makes us regret not attending his live batches.

Tanushree Jakkal

Solapur, Maharashtra

Studying under Shubhamm sir's guidance is a great opportunity. All doubts that i get are cleared in the lecture itself and the way sir makes those summary of each topic are commendable they are short but has complete crux points in it and they are easy to remember as well.

Yash Arora

Anta, Rajasthan

Lectures are very good and the content taught is very beneficial for us. Shubhamm Sir explains every thing in proper way with charts and pictorial representation. I want Shubhamm sir to teach 2nd group also.
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